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Depending on the type of surgery (mine is a plate and screws) 8 weeks until you can effectively 'do things' again. I start physical therapy 8 weeks after surgery, but exercising and all depends mainly on the condition of your incision and how it is healing. Sweating with an incision that is less than 2 weeks old increases the risk of infection, which will slow the healing of your bone and incision. The best advice: listen to your doctor.

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Q: How long Clavicle surgery heal?
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When is surgery necessary for a fractured clavicle bone?

not necessarily, it really depends on the fracture. you have to get an xray and if the broken parts of the clavicle are to far apart they wont heal on their own (nonunion) and surgery may be required. surgery may entail a plate and screws or a pin/rod of some sort. I suggest if you get surgery to get the rod. If you get the plate and screws you will have more healing to do after the surgery to remove it seeing as there will be holes in the bone...its like having two healing processes.

What are clavicle surgery complications?

Complications with clavicle surgery include the bones moving out of place and causing pain. Some people have pain because they can feel the metal plate and screws put in to hold the clavicle. If the bones go out of place, further surgery may be needed.

How long do it take recover from pelvic surgery?

how long does it take to heal after a pelvic surgeory

How long after heel spur surgery will it take to heal?

5 weeks

Will a nick in your lower bowel heal after surgery?

Yes it will heal completely after surgery

Which bone is commonly referred to as the collarbone?

It is called as collar bone or the clavicle. It is the only long bone, that is placed in horizontal position in your body.

How long does a hernia surgery take to heal?

Recovery from hernia surgery varies greatly depending on hernia location and type, as well as the kind of surgery that was performed. It can take anywhere from days to weeks.

Is clavicle long bone?


What about your nerve being cut during surgery Does it ever heal?

Yes, a nerve that is cut during surgery will eventually heal.

Is it possible to play a contact sport with a fractured clavicle?

Sure, it is possible but you risk permanent disability. Wait for it to heal.

How long for a broken foot to heal if no surgery is required?

Depends upon the severity of the fracture about 3-4 months

What can I expect from the recovery process following ankle surgery?

You will have to stay off of your ankle so that it has a chance to heal. If you use crutches and elevate your foot then it shouldnt take long for you to heal.