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The minimum is 3 yrs. but some states are up to 5 yrs. Some insurance companies go by the incident date and some by the conviction date.

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Q: How long DUI stays on the record in NJ?
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How long does an offense stays in your record in NJ?

Unless the offense occurred prior to your 18th birthday, your adult criminal record is a permanent history

Will a 1991 NJ DUI show up in Ca in2012?

Yes, your driving record is permanent, it will show up. However, it was so long ago no one will probably care. 5-10 years with a clean record is enough to satisfy anyone who would be checking your driving record.

How long does a Speeding ticket stay on record in NJ?

over 9000 years

How long does a reckless driving ticket stay on your CDL A?

How long does a reckless driving ticket stay on your record in nj

How long does a DUI stay on NJ driving record?

That depends on the state and the insurance company. Some states allow up to 5 yrs of history while others only 3 years. Some companies go by the incident date and some by the conviction date or the date you get your driver's license back.

Where can one find NJ DUI lawyers?

There are many DUI lawyers in New Jersey that can be easily found on the net. A notable lawyer is Matthew Reisig who has decades of DUI defence experience and 900 DUI wins for New Jersey residents.

Is the DUI law the same in NJ and in PA?

The DUI laws for both NJ and PA are very similar. Anybody driving with .08% alcohol intoxication is considered to be breaking the law and will be fined, serve jail time and have to take a drunk driving course.

Is there a Statute of Limitations in NJ for DUI?

Yes. NJSA 39:4-50. 90 days.

DUI felony in NJ?

In New Jersey, unlike most states, a DUI does not become a felony upon multiple offenses. It can still become a felony in certain situations such as DUIs which involve minors.

What TV and movie star once held the NJ State record for the javelin throw when he was in high school?

Michael Landon held the javelin throw record in NJ.

What happens if you are caught driving with a suspended license in NJ due to a DUI?

you go to jail and your insurance goes way........... up

Where could a NJ DUI attorney be found?

You will find New Jersey DUI attorneys easy to find in all the cities and town of New Jersey. An index of all licensed attorneys is available on the New Jersey Courts website.

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What will stop you from getting gun license in NJ?

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How long does a civil charge stay on your record in the state of NJ and how can it be removed from your record?

yes it can be removed depending on your case your lawyer should tell you this if you have people you know who are willing to write a letter stating the type of person you are. i know that helps also there are things a lawyer can do in your defense but i know it might cost. how long it takes to come off your record i believe its 3yrs

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How long does a felony stay on your criminal record in NJ?

Unless the offense occurred prior to your 18th birthday, at which point your record will be sealed upon you become 18 - all criminal records become, and remain, a permanent part of your criminal history.

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Will a speeding ticket in New Jersey affect your insurance in NY if you are a NY licensed driver?

New York does not post NJ tickets to your record. However, NJ can suspend your right to drvie in NJ if you get enough tickets in their state or NY will suspend your license for non-payment in NJ.

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