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when you get over the other person usually, its up to you.

AnswerThere is no easy answer to this, but you should wait until you have adequately addressed your personal issues that lead you to beginning and remaining in that abusive relationship. That you were abused is not your fault. You have to consider though, the majority of people in abusive relationships have psychological or emotional matters that were part of the decision making process that landed them in it and that should be addressed. Far too many go from one abusive relationship to the next. Take the time to review and determine if you need to break a cycle, or if that relationship was a fluke.
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2010-05-31 08:30:09
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Q: How long after an abusive relationship should you wait before starting a new relationship?
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What should you not do when in an abusive relationship?

You should leave the relationship. You can watch this video to get clarity on domestic violence and abuse in a relationship.

Should you go back to abusive relationship?

Why would you even think about going back to an abusive relationship? Unless you want to get beat on for the rest of your life.

Should you stay in an abusive relationship or should you go now?

You should definitely go. An abusive relationship is unhealthy for you both physically and emotionally. If you continue to stay with that abusive person, you will more than likely end up being attracted to more abusive people in the future. In fact some abusive relationships can lead to suicide and/or being murdered.

What should you do if you are the witness of an abusive relationship?

try to get help for that person but do it in steps if you think the person may be harmed if they leave the abusive person. call help lines for abused people. get help before it is to late. something may happen that can't be reversed. i have a friend that was in a abusive relationship and her boyfriend almost killed her so please help that person before it is to late. i beg you

Does Cannabis make your partner abusive? should make them lethargic...they were abusive before the drugs.

Is divorce ever a good idea?

If you are in a bad relationship, you should get out of it. If you see areas of improvement which could easily be changed, go to counseling before you take the matter any further. If the relationship is abusive, you have the right to get out of the relationship.

Is your boyfriend abusive?

Many BFs, or boyfriends, are not abusive. If a boyfriend is abusive, the girl should leave the relationship and file charges. Do not keep going back to an abuser.

Should women take abuse?

no because it can be harmful to them and it is very dangerous to get out of a abusive relationship and yes get out of it now right now before he kills you ok

How many women in the us are in an abusive relationship?

lots and everywhere. we should help them.

When you are bipolar does that make you abusive?

It could. But not every Bipolar person is abusive. It should however, never be an excuse for abuse. A person who is abusive Bipolar or not, is wrong in what they are doing. Seek help if you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship/situation.

Should I help my ex-girlfriend who is currently in a rebound relationship with an abusive partner?

Anyone who reaches out for help and is willing to receive that help whom is in an abusive relationship should get that help, and there are resources both online and in the community to access the right kind of assistance.

Should you ask your boyfriend's ex if he was abusive to her?

No, just get out of the relationship. Good luck and God Bless:)

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