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How long after becoming pregnant will you feel nauseated?

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Every woman is different. Some feel sick right away, even before they find out that they are pregnant and some don't get sick at all. some women get it before they know they pregnant while some women gets it at 6 weeks ans some don't get it at all it depend of your our pregnancy symptoms Around 2 weeks but not all women experience nauseous.

2006-07-17 22:55:15
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Q: How long after becoming pregnant will you feel nauseated?
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What will happen if you swallow the pus formed after tooth extraction for a long time?

Nothing will happen really. But you will feel nauseated because it tastes and smell bad.

Im 9 weeks pregnant but dont feel pregnant anymore is this possible?

It is possible not to feel that way. As long as you do not experience any bleeding of any sort then you should be fine. You may not "feel" pregnant anymore if your symptoms are going away or you may just be getting used to the feelings/symptoms of being pregnant and are not as noticeable to you anymore.

Can you get pregnant if the birth control pill is preventing your period?

Birth control pills are considered very reliable. As long as you take them on time there is very little chance of you becoming pregnant.

What are the chances of becoming pregnant from anal when pulling out long before and finishing in her mouth?

You cannot become pregnant from anal sex unless ejaculatory fluids come in contact with her vagina.

How long should I wait to get pregnant after placental abruption?

You should check with your Dr before becoming pregnant again. You are at a higher risk for it happening again if you've experienced it once.

How long does the side affects last in general anaesthesia?

It will depend upon the anesthetic agents and drugs used during the procedure. Generally people recover in a few hours but may feel drowsy and nauseated for 24 hours

How long does it take for cravings to set in after becoming pregnant?

Some people don't get cravings at all during pregnancy. Some people can get them as early as 2 weeks pregnant. Others get them around 6 weeks pregnant. Others get them during the second trimester (12-29 weeks pregnant)

I have been feeling nauseated for the last couple of months I know im not pregnat.The nauseated feeling goes and comes back and it goes away when I eat something but then it comes back. Help?

So you know your not pregnant, so that is crossed off the list. Maybe your body is trying to tell you something, if the nauseous feeling goes away when you have something to eat, maybe your not eating enough. Sometimes we feel sick when we dont eat anything for a long period of time, and then when we eat we feel so much better. Take notice of your diet and how much you are eating. But if you are unsure make sure you contact your GP for further advice as this isn't a diagnosis.

What if a woman is pregnant can she still make love even with big tummy?

Yes as long as you feel like it its OK

Is it possible to get pregnant in one month after marriage?

Yes, just as easily as it is possible to get pregnant before marriage. The date and day of the wedding is arbitrary to becoming pregnant.

What are the chances of becoming pregnant if you have just finished your 1st pack of The Pill and he pulled out before ejaculation?

Hiya, you will not get pregnant as long as you have been taking your pills correctly, you are able to have sex during the 7 pill free days without getting pregnant, as long as you remember to take your pill on the day you start your new pack

Can you get pregnant with one ovary?

As long as the ovary still releases eggs, yes. When you are ready to become pregnant, you might want to purchase an ovulation predictor kit (found next to the pregnancy tests) to help you in becoming pregnant. You can also talk to your doctor to find out specific details about how to help you become pregnant.

How does cramping feel when you think your pregnant?

it feel like your mensual period a little but dont last as long maybe a few hours it really depends on the person hope this help !!

After how long can you fined out if you are pregnant?

I want to know how long can be pregnant?

Is it okay to be pregnant when you're 14?

I think that it's perfectly fine to be pregnant at 14. At the end of the day as long as you feel ready it's no one eles's business Good luck

How long can it take to fall pregnant after a miscarriage?

ow long can you fall pregnant after a miscarriage ow long can you fall pregnant after a miscarriage

Can you be pregnant if a boy was touching your vagina and breasts but you had your clothes on?

Chances of becoming pregnantIf he was only touching you with something other than his penis you can not become pregnant. However, if he was touching you with his penis, and ejaculated and his ejaculation seeped through your clothing and underwear, then there is a chance that you could become pregnant. But you can not become pregnant unless his sperm comes in contact with your vagina. Good luck. if he look at you for a long time you will get pregnant

Can jogging affect your pregnancy in early stages?

No, exercising is good for you and very important when pregnant and as long as you feel good things are fine.

How long does it take to show if a dog is pregnant e.g. distended belly?

by touching its stumic and feel the babys kiking their belly

How long does a gorilla stay pregnant?

How long do gorilla stay pregnant

How long do you have to wait after eating to shower if pregnant?

As long as you feel well, you can shower right away. Many people wait an hour before swimming, but that doesn't apply here.

How often should my baby move at 30 weeks pregnant?

You should feel at least 10 movements in a six hour period. If you feel no movement for a long period of time, call your doctor.

Do long cervix's make it harder to get pregnant?

No, a long cervix is normal if you are not pregnant.

How long are salmon pregnant for?

Salmon do not get pregnant.

Is it normal not to feel the baby move at 23 weeks pregnant?

How long haven't you felt the baby move for? You need to speak to your doctor or midwife