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Its best to perform a pregnancy test, 3-4 weeks after you last had intercourse or when your period is a few days late.

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If you want to avoid false negatives, or "false positives" (very early miscarriages), the best time to take a pregnancy test is after your period's late.

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Q: How long after late short period should you take a pregnancy test?
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Late period what should i do?

take a pregnancy test.

Is it normal for you period to start late in march because of February being a short month?

February being a short month should have nothing to do with your period start date. So if your period starts late in March, it is not as a result of how many days are in February. Your period should come when it is due; if it is later than usual, you might want to take a pregnancy test or consult your doctor.

What should you do when you're 2 weeks late for your period?

You take a pregnancy test and see your physician.

Should you get your period when finishing treatment for chlamydia?

Chlamydia doesn't cause a late period or change your menstrual cycle. If your period is late, take a pregnancy test.

You got off the pill and had a normal first period and then your second one currently late Is that normal or are you pregnant?

If your period is late and you have been having sex without using anything to prevent pregnancy, you should take a pregnancy test.

2 days late when should i take a pregnancy test?

You can take a pregnancy test when you are 2 days late. The tests now will show you are pregnant even before you have missed a period.

Is it to early to take a pregnancy test a 2 days after your missed period?

Yes, you should wait at least Til your missed period.

You got your period a few days late should you still take a pregnancy test?

no, only if it is a week late and you have had it for more than three yrs

Should you take a pregnancy test after in and out?

If your period is 5 days late, then yes. In-and-out is not a reliable birth control method.

What are common reasons of a late period?

Pregnancy or stress.

What causes your period to be four days late?


How many days can you be late before getting your period and not be pregnant?

You can be up to two weeks late and not be pregnant but to be safe you should take a pregnancy test after you are seven days late.