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Q: How long after you get white discharge do you get your period?
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When you have a white discharge how long does it take to be on your period?

White discharge and you don't have your period yet? I'd get that checked out with a doctor....White discharge during your period? I'd get that checked out too. Doesn't sound normal.

How long do you have discharge for before you start your period?

You have discharge right after the period that just ended and it lasts

What color is discharge before your period?

Usually white

White jelly discharge and period pains in belly?

The white jelly discharge is just your body cleaning itself and the period pains is just the flow moving through your body

How can you know if its your ovulation period?

You will have signs of cramps and white discharge.

Does having white discharge mean you period is coming?

Yes (:

When your about to start your period dose your discharge get lighter?

Your discharge gets heavier and more sticky.

When you have white liquid in your underwear how soon will you get your period?

white thick discharge is there but still no period;now 50 days . what is the reason

Why has your discharge turned white you havent started your periods?

You'll have white discharge for about 6 months to 1 year, then you'll start your period.

Can white discharge be a week early sign of pregnancy?

Sometimes. But you're usually getting close to your period if you have white discharge. Give it a few weeks , if you miss a period take a pregnancy test.

Are you pregnant when you have white menstruation before your menstruation period?

it is called discharge

If you have an yeast infection how long would you have a white discharge for?

You always have white discharge. But you can get medicine at a pharmacy that will get rid of your infection.