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Whenever the baby is ready. Could be an hour could be 12.

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How long after you water bag breaks should you have the baby or wait to take the baby?

my water bag broke how long do i hve to wait to see a doctor

How long can a baby last in the womb after water breaks?

It is recommended that the baby is delivered within 24 hrs of waters breaking.

How long after your water breaks will labor be over?

It varies from person to person. My wife had all 5 of our children within 20 minutes of her water breaking If your water breaks, ten you will have 2 days ti have your baby at the most because there are risks of infection after your water breaks!

How long does it take to deliver after the doctor breaks your water?

it according if you've had any previos children if not it can take hours but if this is over 1 then probaly like2 to4 hours

Can it be harmful to unborn baby to remain in womb for long period of time after water breaks?

Yes. When the water breaks, a woman needs to head straight to the hospital. After the water breaks, the baby is more prone to infection. In a hospital environment, however, antibiotics can be used to minimize the risk to the unborn child and along with a sterile environment, the baby's risk is lowered by a large percentile.

How long after your water breaks should the baby be born?

That varies widely among individuals. The important thing is that once your water breaks, you need to get to your source of care for labor/delivery (hospital, midwife, etc.) if you aren't there already.

Why must the baby be delivered within 24 to 48 hours after the mothers water is broken?

The baby is getting its oxygen from the water inside of the embryonic sac. So when the water breaks, the baby is losing it's source of oxygen and he/she could die if you wait too long.

How long should it take to deliver a baby after your water breaks?

Everyone is different and there is not set time, while some doctors don't want you going past a cerentin point just depends on your physician. It can be a matter of hours or a day or so just depending on what the body wants to do.

How long can a baby go after the water breaks?

The baby can stay inside for a while after the baby is born, but there are many complications with this... it increases the chances of a baby getting an infection. it increases the pressure on the baby, which could hurt him/her. there is no water surrounding him as padding now to alleviate this pressure. the baby will not be able to move for that month, which could cause problems with his/her joints.

Can a vet tech deliver baby horses?

So long as you are certified and have your Vet Tech license then you should be able to help deliver foals.

How long should you bounce on a ball to get your water to break?

DO NOT DO THAT!!! that could be very dangerous for the baby's health. The water will break when it's time. If it breaks too early it could be detrimental to the baby.

How long can labor be stopped after water breaks?

Once the membranes rupture it is not safe to stop labor because the amniotic fluid is what keeps the baby safe and when the membranes rupture it can start allowing bacteria in to the baby

How long will water break before dog delivers puppies?


How long does it take to deliver a polar bear baby?

The gestation period of the polar bear is 195 – 265 days.

How long will a doctor let a baby stay in the womb after the water breaks?

Most don't like for the baby to stay in there any longer than 24 hours because of the risk of infection, but closely monitored, a doctor may go longer.

Can breaking water be dangerous if you take too long to get to hospital for giving birth?

The danger in taking too long to get to the hospital after your water breaking is the possibility that you will have the baby before you get there, which can be dangerous. Labor can go quickly after the amniotic sac breaks, so it is best to get to the hospital as soon as possible.

How long can a baby chick last?

As long as it has food water and warmth.

How long does it take for the baby to come out after the doctor breaks your water?

There is no set time. Could be long, could be short. There are to many variables here to make a prediction. The maximum time should be 24 hours, longer than that and you have the problem of infection.

What if your water breaks when your sleeping?

When your water breaks while your sleeping, you will more than likely wake up. If in the event the initial water breakage doesn't wake you the contraction that will follow will! It won't go undetected for long:)

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