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28th of May 1533 - 19th May 1536, so a bit under three years.

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How long was anne Boleyn queen?

3 years

Who is anne Boleyn chiled?

The child of Anne Boleyn is the famous queen Elizabeth I.

How did anne Boleyn become queen of England?

Anne Boleyn was married to Henry VIII, and so became his Queen Consort.

Who was Queen Anne who met Pocahontas?

Anne Boleyn

Was Queen Elizabeth 1 mother a queen?

Yes, she was Queen Anne. Anne Boleyn was Henry's second queen.

Did Anne Boleyn have children?

Anne Boleyn had one surviving child - Elizabeth, who went on to be Queen Elizabeth I.

What was the name of Anne Boleyn Doaughter?

Elizabeth Tudor (later Queen Elizabeth I) was the daughter of Anne Boleyn.

Where did Anne Boleyn spend her childhood?

Anne Boleyn was a maiden to her Majesty the Queen of France from age 13.

Was Anne Boleyn a good or bad queen?

she was a good queen

When did anne Boleyn reign?

Anne Boleyn never reigned, she was Queen consort, not Queen regent.She was Queen of England from January 25, 1533 to May 17, 1536Anne was queen for three years (1533-1536)

Was Anne Boleyn A good queen?


Who was the mother of Queen Elizabth I?

Anne Boleyn.

When was queen ann Boleyn born?

Anne Boleyn was born circa 1501

What was Anne Boleyn guilty of?

Queen Anne was found guilty of treason, adultery and incest with her brother George Boleyn.

Anne Boleyn is the mother of which queen?

Elizabeth I is Anne Boleyn's daughter.

When was Anne Boleyn queen from?

Anne Boleyn was queen of England from January 25, 1533 (though she was officially crowned on June 1st) to May 17, 1536.

Was Anne Boleyn the first Queen to ever be executed?

Anne Boleyn was indeed the first Queen to have ever been executed and also not the last to die by the sword.

In what period was Anne Boleyn the Queen of England?

Anne Boleyn was the queen of England for only three years from 1533-1536. This was due to an archbishop declaring that the wedding between Anne and the king was void and ending her reign as queen.

Did anne Boleyn have children and wot was there name?

Anne Boleyn had one daughter and her name was Elizabeth. She became Queen Elizabeth I.

Who did Anne Boleyn give birth to?

Queen Elizabeth I

What is queen Anne Boleyn sisters name?


Who was queen elizabeths the first mum?

Anne Boleyn

Why was Anne Boleyn a good queen?

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Anne and Mary Boleyn?

Anne and Mary Boleyn were sisters. Both were mistresses to King Henry VIII, but Anne became queen. Mary died in her early forties in 1543; Anne Boleyn was executed in 1536.

For how long was anne Boleyn queen?

A little over three years. She was crowned in 1533 and murdered in 1536.