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They are 2 ft long! How amazing!I live in China. I saw one.

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Why do dolphins have long noses?

to smell there pray

How do dolphins live and survive?

dolphins only live on land and they are gray so it is not easy to see them. they have long noses so that they can smell easly.

How long do river dolphins live with their parents?

It is dependant on the type of river dolpin.

How long do Amazon river dolphins live for?

i really dont know

What is the gestation period for a river dolphin?

River dolphins have a gestation period of 10-11 months long.

What do the Chinese call the Yangtze river?

Chang Jiang (means long river)

How long can a Amazon river dolphins beak grow too?

92 inches

What Chinese river starts with H?

The Huai River is a major river in China. It is 690 miles long.

How long are dolphins noses?

Are you talking about the beak? The beak is the part where the mouth is. Its nose is on the top of its head. That is why you see a spray of mist come up when it breaths.

How is China's Yellow river called in Chinese?

The Huang He River 3,398 miles long.

How long have Yangtze river dolphins been around?

It has been around for 200,000,000 years.

When do daschunds get their long noses?

They have long noses from the start. If what you are thinking of doesn't have a long nose, chances are it isn't a Dachshund.

How does freshwater dolphins move?

Depending on the location where they reside, River Dolphins will vary in size. Some of them can be up to 8 feet long but most of them are much ...

How long is a dolphin's nose?

Dolphins don't have noses, silly! They have a single nostril atop their head called a 'blow-hole'. Don't laugh! That's what it's called.

How long did dolphins exist?

A dolphin is a mamal and has a life expectancy of approximately 3-4 weeks. Dolphins grow VERY fast which is the main reason the are farmed food food by the chinese.

Do puppies have wet noses?

Most puppies/dogs have wet noses and sometimes they get dry but not for long wet noses are a good sign

Do spiders have long noses?

spiders dont have noses at all they just eat you alive with their long tonges filled with teeth

How long are dolphins?

Dolphins can be up to 12 feet long.

How do anteater breathe?

with their long noses.

How long is a dolphins tongue?

dolphins have a long tongue but it can not retract from its mouthage.

What breeds of dogs have long noses?

Some dogs with long noses include the Dachshund, the German Shepherd, the Afghan Hound, the Greyhound, and the Collie.

Why do sail fish long pointy noses and what do they use them for?

sailfish have sword like noses to catch prey

What are facts about Sailfish?

they have long horny noses

How long do bottlenose dolphins get?

a bottle nose dolphins height is 15 inches long

How long are female dolphins?

I think that female Dolphins are approximately 3.6 meters long.

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