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i think its been going on forever.

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Q: How long as identity theft been going on?
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How long do you get for identity theft in Oregon?

I think its about 10 years

How long do you go to jail for identity theft first offense?

7 years

Could you provide me with a sample research question pertaining to identity theft?

Here are a few: What is the median value of goods and services obtained by identity thieves? What are the most common types of new accounts opened by identity thieves? How long do most victims spend resolving the issues caused by identity theft? What problems did consumers report as a result of being a victim of identity theft? The answers are all located on this web page, which is a summary of the 2006 Identity Theft Survey Report:

How does identity theft affect your credit?

Identity theft can have a seriously negative impact on your credit. When thieves steal your identity, they are likely to try to open a new line of credit in your name. If they succeed, they can make purchases with that card, and you will be responsible for the charges. Even if you dispute the charges, the unpaid bills will be reflected in your credit report. Unfortunately, cleaning up a credit report after an incident of identity theft can be a long and costly process.

How long can you go to jail in Kentucky for Identity Theft that is more than 8v years ago?

you go away for a very long time

Is identity theft a major problem?

Identity theft is a major problem. If you become or have been a victim of identity theft, you completely agree. According to comparitech(dot)com, "Identity theft is a major problem for consumers, resulting in billions of dollars in financial losses each year." As well as, "As the world continues its relentless march toward all things digital, the reams of data we’re uploading to the web are increasingly exposed. Each individual consumer’s personal information now resides on hundreds, if not thousands of servers across the globe. With that fact comes a somewhat obvious result: an increase in identity theft." Even more scary, they state: "Additionally, Javelin Strategy found that children are increasingly the victims of identity fraud. While children have long been a target for Social Security Number misuse and credit card fraud, it appears the impact is growing. The security firm found that over 1 million children were ID theft victims in 2017." So in reality, it is a major problem in every state of the United States, but really, in every country. So what does one do to protect yourself? There are several companies that you can join to monitor identity theft, but one actually works to prevent and protect you. "LifeLock provides a proactive identity theft service, specializing in the prevention of identity theft rather than the reporting of it. 1 in 4 people have experienced identity theft, protect your's with LifeLock, backed with a $1 Million Service Guarantee" PROTECT YOURSELF NOW! Copy the link and remove Spaces and visit the site ht tps: // yazing .com/deals/lifelock/socialdesign

What are the positives of identity theft?

Identity Theft is the act of stealing personal information and using that information to steal money and possessions up to and including the victim's residence. It is a devastating experience for the victim who faces a long and arduous process dealing with bill collectors, credit agencies, banks, other financial institutions, and the IRS. Identity theft is a crime but few cases are brought to court. It is difficult to see any positives in being the victim of identity theft. Not until one's identity is restored and recovery well advanced is it possible to even consider that the changes that occur in the victim may be positive. Nevertheless, victims who recover from identity theft usually emerge stronger, more assertive and more organized.

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Types of Identity Theft?

In recent years, identity theft has become a major issue. Each year, the identities of thousands of people across the country are stolen by criminals. Identity theft is often difficult to thwart and can have a long lasting impact on your life. If someone has stolen your identity, it can have several profound consequences on your life. You may find that your credit rating has been destroyed, your identity has been assumed, or even worse that someone is perpetrating crimes in your name. Repairing the damage caused by identity theft can take years. Below are some of the most common types of identity theft. Credit Identity Theft In this kind of identity theft, someone uses your personal information like a social security number to apply for credit cards, loans, or other financial obligations. You may begin to notice this kind of theft when you start getting mysterious bills in the mail for services and things that you have not purchased. You may also start to get calls from bill collectors asking for payment. If this happens to you and you know that you did not make the purchases or solicit the services, there is a good chance that someone has stolen your credit identity. You must work to clear your name immediately because credit identity theft can ruin your credit very quickly, making it hard for you to get credit cards and loans. Driver’s License Theft If someone steals your driver’s license, they can use it as their own identity. If they get stopped for a traffic violation or commit a crime while driving and are summoned to court but never show up, the judge can and will issue an arrest warrant for you since the documentation on the ticket has your information on it. You can also have you driver’s license suspended and lose your insurance because of the theft if the thief drivers recklessly using your license. Character Theft In this type of identity theft, someone pretends to be you by using your name. If they commit any criminal offenses, warrants can be issued in your name even though you are innocent and have nothing to do with the crime. Social Security Number Theft Your social security number can be used for a number of things by criminals. They can apply for credit in your name, seek employment using your name, and more. Not only can a person ruin your credit, but they can also cause the IRS to come after you if they work using your name and have not paid income taxes. Medical Theft Criminals can also steal your medical identity to take advantage of your insurance policy or to obtain prescription drugs in your name. If you do not catch this theft soon, your medical insurance may be canceled due to the thief making filing claims.

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