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Q: How long before the birth of Jesus was ancient Greece?
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Did the events in ancient china and ancient India happen before or after Jesus birth?


Was there a pope in ancient Greece?

No. Ancient Greece refers to a time that begins 800 years before the birth of Christ. There was not a Pope until AFTER the death of Christ.

Did Greek Mythology happen before Jesus?

Yes the Greek Empire came before the earthly birth of Jesus Christ in approximately 6 BC.If you mean that the ancient civilization of Greece existed before Christ, then the answer is "yes".

Place of birth of Solon?

Ancient Greece

What happened on the milestone before Jesus' birth?

Before Jesus's birth. The Almighty had sent prophets to the world,

Before the birth of Jesus?

The question is not at all clear.What before Jesus?

What is birth place of democarcy?

Most historians consider it to be Ancient Greece.

What is AD in ancient Greece?

AD anno domini is Latin shorthand for 'year of our lord' so, in Christian countries, any year after the birth of Christ has AD attached. Years before the birth of Jesus are labelled 'BC' - before Christ. The history of classical Greece unfolded long before Christ, so it's all 'BC'. Today CE (Christian Era) and BCE (Before the Christian Era) are also used.The Greeks themselves used a variety of dating systems before settling on a complicated one which used the years of Olympiads.

Did Jesus come before greek gods?

Ancient Greece did, in fact, come before the birth of Jesus Christ. That is, its origins and early development, its Classical Period, its dissemination in the Hellenistic Period, and then its decline in the 2nd century B.C.E. -- all occurred before Christ's birth during the early years of the Roman Empire.

How do ancient Greece celebrate the birth of a baby?

richies did parties

When did Zeus give birth to Jesus?

Zeus is a god of the ancient Greek pantheon and is not mentioned in the Bible. The Bible says that Mary gave birth to Jesus.

Was Jesus conscious before birth?