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Q: How long before you can fly after leg bypass surgery?
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How soon can you fly after heart bypass surgery?

How soon can you fly after heart bypass surgery

How long after breast surgery can you fly?

Flying on an airline has no effect on breast implants. If you are asking about how long after a surgery before you can fly, that will depend on how healthy you are and how long your recovery takes. You will have to ask your doctor to be sure.

How long after thyroid surgery can you fly in aeroplanes?

with in 48 hours u can fly in aeroplanes.

How long after gallbladder surgery can you fly?

as soon as u get the meds

How long do you have to wait to fly after ear surgery?

about 2 months

Can you fly following hip replacement surgery?

Yes you can, but your Dr will be able to tell you how long you should wait before doing so.

Should you fly right before having carpal tunnel surgery or any surgery?

There should be no problem flying before having carpal tunnel syndrome surgery.

How long after ankle surgery can you fly?

You don't want to fly too soon after any surgery, especially if you are taking pain medication, as it can make you feel ill. However, you can fly once you are no longer hospitalized after ankle surgery; request a wheelchair from your airline.

How long do you have to wait to fly after surgery?

Depends how much surgery your on about if youre feeling fine and all is healed then right away

How long after cardiac surgery is one allowed to fly?

usually, your wings start to re grow a few days after surgery

How long after surgery can you fly?

You can normally fly after the discharge from the hospital. You need to take permission of your surgeon. In emergency, you can fly, immediately after the surgery, if the facilities are available to take care of you. Flying is one of the safest mode of transport, that is available.

How long does it take baby swallows to fly?

the die before they can fly

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