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Q: How long by train from New Haven to Greenwich ct?
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Can you take the train at port Jeff going to new haven ct?

can i take the long island railroad at port jeff, and transfer to go to new haven ct

How do you get from JFK to new haven?

Take the #60 bus to Grand Central Station, Take the New Haven (Red) Train to New Haven.

How many beds are available in the Greenwich hospital?

The Greenwich Hospital located in Greenwich, Connecticut has 206 beds. The hospital was chartered in 1903 and began service on September 6, 1906. It is a member of the Yale New Haven Health System.

Can you take a train from New Haven CT to Toronto Canada?

yes there are ways!

What is Greenwich cos cob ct's areas code?

Greenwich, CT, is in area codes 203 and 475, which also serve New Haven and Bridgeport. Hartford and most of the land area of the state are in 860.

Can you take a train from New York City to Westport CT?

MetroNorth Railroad runs between Grand Central Station (New York City) and Greenwich. See the Related Link below for schedules and fares. You will need to click the icon on the RIGHT, the one that says, "Click here for lines EAST of Hudson - Harlem, Hudson, New Haven."

How long is the flight from Greenwich to new york?

4 minutes

How do you get to the Bronx Zoo from train from Hartford Ct?

You will need to take a shuttle from Hartford, CT to New Haven Union Station. There you can hop on a train to NYC.

Is New Haven in the northwestern part of Connecticut?

New Haven, Conn. is in the South western part of Connecticut. Long Island Sound is on the southern edge of New Haven. The city does not border Massachusetts on the North.

Train schedule from New York city to new haven CT?

Amtrak (more expensive) or MetroNorth (less expensive but slower)

How long does mail take from new haven to New Orleans?

About 3 days.

What are two famous places in Connecticut?

There are a few major cities in Connecticut. These include New Haven (population 129,779), Bridgeport (pop. 144,229), Hartford (pop. 124,775), Norwalk (pop. 85,603), Stamford (pop. 122,643), and Waterbury (pop. 110,366).