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You should be able to go 100 - 150 feet of cable without any problems, providing it's a good quality RG-6 cable.

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Q: How long can a cable run be from the satellite dish to the receivers and maintain a good signal?
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What is digital receivers?

A digital receiver, sometimes referred to as a Cable or Satellite "set-top box", converts and descrambles the signal coming in from either your satellite dish or cable TV service so that you can view the programming on your television.

Can you view any channel with an early TV set?

No. The earlier TV's had analog receivers, which are not compatible with the new digital format signal. You will need a cable box or satellite receiver to convert the signal.

What does the company Sonicview make?

The company Sonicview manufactures products for television viewing such as satellite receivers, wireless receivers, cable receivers, and Dolby digital receivers.

How do cable companies get their TV signal?

Cable companies utilize satellite technology to initially get the signal, then it is distributed via underground or above ground cable.

What are direct television receivers used for?

Direct Tv Receivers are used to access cable or satellite channels. Usually when you order satellite or cable the company gives you a receiver to use. You can pause, record and do other things on the receiver which tend to cost 5 to 10 dollars per month.

You have directv and cox and there is no signal on cox but there is signal on directv?

cox cable is a cable company, Directv uses satellite. two different service providers.

Local cable companies wont run cable here and too many trees for a satellite signal how do you get cable tv?


Should I buy satellite cable TV or a different TV service?

I personally have cable TV because satellite TV can be very unreliable, and the signal can be lost often, especially during rain storms. Cable TV, however, very rarely loses its signal.

Is rg6 coax cable the best to use for satellite tv in home?

For Dish Network, we use RG6 coax cable to allow a higher frequency range for the satellite signal from the dish to your receiver. Any coax cable not rated at RG6 could affect the signal.

Is cable coaxial the same as satellite coaxial?

Most times they are the same but a satellite signal needs to be carried by RG6 cable it is a heavier gauge wire then say RG59. Regular or analog cable signal is sometimes carried by RG59 but digital cable should use RG6. +++ The primary specification is not conductor size but the impedance and capacitance of the cable.

Is satellite or cable television a better option?

When it comes to satellite or cable, these days determining which is better is dependent largely on two main factors: Channel availability and location Some locations are not suitable for receiving a strong satellite signal which can result in channel/image loss. Some channels which are available on satellite are not available on cable.

Is reception from live satellites clearer than cable tv reception?

Generally satellite reception is better than cable even when the two are both sent digitally. A satellite signal transfer is more direct and therefore has less chance of interference. The cable signal travels through many feet of wire and connection points. These provide a greater chance of interference. The only time the opposite is true is during bad weather when the satellite signal can degrade.