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The colossal squid lives in the ocean biome. These squid can be found in the deep ocean, but may also come in closer to shore.

Colossal squid was created in 1925.

The Colossal squid is a brownish redish colour.

The deep oceans around antarctica

Colossal Squids live about 1000 km down in the abyss. They have a predator which is the Sperm whale, which eats it.

Colossal squid have a longer mantle than a giant squid. But giant squid have longer tentacles

There is the colossal squid - it's even bigger than the giant squid!

Colossal squid, and sperm whale

the colossal squid only has 2 tentacles. it may not look like it, but the 2 long ones are tentacles and the smaller ones are its arms.

The biggest squid in the world is the colossal squid.

Yes, a live colossal squid has indeed been caught in Alaska under an iceberg that was as big as Texas! Yes, a live one was caught by Japanese marine biologists two years ago, but they killed it in the process by dragging it up from its natural environment. By the time the squid was photographed it was already dying. Also, New Zealand fisherman caught a colossal squid in Antarctic waters.

A colossal squid is a Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni. Not a lot is known about them because they live in deep water and are not often seen.

The colossal squid of Antarctica is the longest invertebrate. The colossal squid can grow Up To 45 feet long. The giant squid is the second largest living invertebrate and can grow up To 35 feet long. The largest invertebrate in the fossil record was the Tusoteuthis, which was similar in length to the giant squid--up to about 35 feet long.

Colossal squid is an animal found in the deep ocean depths. Sperm whales love to eat squid, big and small.

Colossal Squid - 2008 was released on: USA: 31 August 2008

The cast of Colossal Squid - 2008 includes: Scott Cassell

The largest captured specimen of colossal squid weighed 1091 pounds and was 33 feet long. Other captured specimens have weighed between 330 and 440 pounds.

No. The colossal squid is the largest type of squid in the world. Females, that is. An adult female colossal squid is LARGEST squid in the world!ya der iz proof of kraken big old squid draggin ships down to ground 80 feet bigger than itty bitty colossal squidy

There is no standard collective noun for colossal squid. There is little known about this creature, even the fact that they may form groups.The colossal squid must mate to reproduce so the appropriate collective noun may be a pair of colossal squid.

Colossal squid are bigger and wider than giant squid, so they are probably heavier.Colossal squids (Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni) are not only bigger than the giant squids (Architeuthis dux), but MUCH heavier.The only colossal squid caught alive, by New Zealand fishermen, was 495 kg.The heaviest giant squid was «only» 275 kg (estimate)...

The Giant Squid and the Colossal Squid have the largest.

Colossal Squid - 2008 Squid Invasion 1-2 was released on: USA: 23 November 2008

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