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  • The squid is known as the ice cream cone of the sea because they are a favorite food of many ocean dwellers.
  • All squids are carnivores.
  • the colossal squid, mostly known as the giant squid, eat whales when he can "take them down".
  • Squid can live in fresh water, and saltwater.
  • Squids can range from 24 inches long to more than forty feet long!

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type in facts about vampire squid in google . . . that's how i got my info :)

their eyes are the size of a dinner plate they are 60 ft this is only giant squid

There are about 60 different species

they are giantsquids live in water

they dont come to shallow parts of the ocean

An intresting fact about baby squids is they are called juiveniles.

They eat only fish, krill, shrimp, and squid.

they live in water... Octopus and giant squid is a mollusk... yeah...

Squids and other cephalopods have shown response to classical conditioning. Some squid use changes in skin color and pattern to communicate messages. Squid and octopi have the largest brain-to-body mass ratios of all invertebrates.

The Humboldt squid and the Giant Squid are two separate species

The squid is called a firefly squid.

The plural form of squid is still squid

Colossal squid have a longer mantle than a giant squid. But giant squid have longer tentacles

The biggest squid in the world is the colossal squid.

The Giant Squid is a cousin of the Squid.

Most are fairly common like the Common squid, but the giant squid and the colossal squid are rare.

A colossal squid is a Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni. Not a lot is known about them because they live in deep water and are not often seen.

you can only get it from a squid... sorry... you cannot make a squid ink...

The kidneys of a squid removes waste from the squid. It is like a filter.

A vampire squid is not a fish. Squid are not fish.

It has the largest brain of any animal, weighing in at 20 pounds. It is also a toothed whale, main diet is Giant squid. See the related link for some great facts.

No. Squid are mollusks.

a squid IS a carnivore

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