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during sexual intercourse i used to ejaculate very soon ; though i want to continue it for longer period i simply cannot. Any technique or medical remedy for it ?

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Q: How long can a human keep accelerating?
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How long is the electron in the accelerating region?

A very long time.

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What keeps a falling object from accelerating?

Assuming the object is in free fall the only thing that can keep the object from accelerating in the opposing force of kinetic friction upward by air (known as air resistance).

What will happen if human doesn't have a brain?

Any human with no brain at all will not live long. The autonomic nervous system is needed to keep you alive.

To keep a sled accelerating downhill the force of gravity must be greater than the normal force?


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it is accelerating.

Are you accelerating if you are traveling in a constant direction with constant speed and explain?

If you are traveling at a constant speed with changing direction there is a change in velocity, so you are accelerating.

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An object will continue accelerating as long as there is a force acting on it. (Newton's Second Law)

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Velocity is speed in a certain direction. You can keep speed the same, and if you change direction then you have changed velocity.

When you stop pushing on a box and it slows down is it balanced or unbalanced force?

Unbalanced , because as long as it is moving it is accelerating therefor it is unbalanced . Now if it is at a complete rest then it is not accelerating therefor it would be a balanced force .