How long can an individual collect assistance from the government over a life span Food stamps WIC Etc Not including financial aid?

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How you get student loans or financial aid if you are dependent on your parents but will not receive financial assistance from them?

The majority of students are still considered dependents by their parents. That does not affect your chances of getting financial help. The income and expenses of your family will play a factor on whether you qualify for loans, grants or scholarships. And of course your academic history and other fa ( Full Answer )

How long is a clam's life span?

Answer . One of the longest living animals on Earth is a type of clam. The deep sea dwelling Ocean Quahog (Arctica Islandica) is said to live up to 220 years. One was recently caught off the coast of Iceland and there are claims it was over 400 years old.

Where can you find someone to assist with stamp collection?

Contact philatelists in your area. Stamp clubs are happy to help people to learn about the hobby. Check your local newspapers for events and club meetings. If there are stamp dealers in the area, they will know where the meetings are. You can also contact the American Philatelic Society and they can ( Full Answer )

How long is a horse's life span?

a horses life span is about 30 years but some can live longer it depends what conditions they are kept in and what breed also if they are living in the wild or captivity

If you and your girlfriend are minors and are emancipated in Wisconsin do you qualify to obtain financial help from the government such as low income housing wicks food stamps etc?

First, Wisconsin doesn't have an emancipation statute (unless they've added one very recently), so there is no actual legal process in place through which a minor can petition the court for emancipation. . Second, a court would NEVER emancipate a minor who cannot prove that they are capable of full ( Full Answer )

How long is the life span of a Thoroughbred?

Depending on their health, history, breeding, and many other factors, Thoroughbreds can average between 20 and 35 years. This can vary, but they're certainly able to live past 20 with proper care.

How long is the life span of a python?

Pythons are a family of snakes. Their life span differs, depending on the species. The royal python, for instance, can have a life span of approximately 30 years, while a burmese python lives for about 20 years.

Why does the federal government provide financial aid?

Primarily to maintain "Big government" and keep the populace dependant on them. This is a simple anwer ... If the government didn't offer financial aide then us the people would stay stupid and only have low income jobs thus paying less in taxes.. Government gives out aide for those that have a need ( Full Answer )

How long is a hamsters life span?

A hamsters life-span can variey depending on it's surrondings, the breed and whether it is with other hamsters although normally a hamster would live for 4-5 years sometimes if loved correctly hamsters can live to 7 or 8 years. All you'll really need to do is clean out his cage occasionaly, feed him ( Full Answer )

How long can an individual collect assistance from the government over a life span Food stamps WIC Etc Not including financial aid.?

You can get a check called TEA/AFDC (varies in states) for 2 years lifetime MAXIMUM. food stamps do not have a lifetime maximum.. WIC goes till the child turns 5. The current Federal welfare program is called TANF. That has a maximum of 5 years for a lifetime. That is the cash program. While the F ( Full Answer )

How long is the life span of a mosquito?

There are four stages to a mosquitoes live. These are egg, larval, pupa and adult. The total time it takes for a mosquito to go through all four stages depends greatly on both temperature and species. In a typically warm weather, the life cycle takes 14 days or less, but it can vary from 4 to 30 day ( Full Answer )

Which bird has long life span?

A Cockatoo can live between 40 and 60 years old, and there are reports of them living as long as 75 to 80 year old, but they are not confirmed. While a Macaw will live on average to be 60 to 70 years old. The Bald Eagle lives on average to be 50 years old in captivity.

How long is a gnats life span?

Gnats live an average of two to four months.. Gnats live an average of two to four months.. Gnats live an average of two to four months.

How long is a sponges life span?

Sponges minum live span is at least 200 years. Some sponges live to be over 5,000 and 500 million.

Can convicted felons get government assistance such as food stamps?

It's my understanding that no, WE cannot. No food stamps and no welfare, no HUD, nothing that I know of. My convictions were for drugs. Now that I've successfully completed a 6 month inpatient rehab program, I'm looking for a job. I have amazing skills in bookkeeping, office management as well as ca ( Full Answer )

How long is the life span of a star?

Stars' lifespans vary greatly. Freddie Mercury died at 45 years, while Elton John is 64 years old and still living. Heather O'Rourke died at only 12 years. Very few stars, however, have lived longer than 100 years.

How long is the life span of a rabbit?

A wild rabbits life span is about 3-5 years. A domestic rabbit can be 5-10 years. Wild rabbits have the risk of being eaten and shot by hunters. That is why they live shorter than pet rabbits.

How long is a rattlesnakes life span?

20-30 years a pet rattle snake can live up to 5 years but it you look after it REALLLY WELL then it will live up to 10 years :D

Do pugs have a long life span?

No, compares to other breeds of dogs, pugs do not really have along life span. They typically do not live any older than elevenyears of age. Whereas other breeds can live to be in their teens!

How long is a tapirs life span?

TAPIRS LIVE SPAN The tapirs live up to or from 30-32 years some people think there live span is 4 days and that is not true.

How long is a wasps' life span?

The queen wasp creates a nest in the spring and starts laying eggs. These eggs hatch into larvae which develop into worker wasps. Towards the end of summer new queens and drones are produced which will go off and mate. The old queen will then stop laying. The newly-fertilized queens will find a plac ( Full Answer )

How long is a gerbils life span?

A gerbil, if well taken care of, can live up to five years! Gerbils typically live about 3 years.

How long is the life span of a mule?

probably when the predator is killing him they are also fast so they can live up to 6 month's maybe a year . they could last a long time are very rare to the community

How long does it take to get your financial aid?

it took 3 days and four nights until AIDS got to Haiti. By the time AID got there it was to late over 1000 people had died and 500 were near death. You could walk down 1 street and see dead people ling on the side with a planet over their heads. i am true sorry for the people in ( Full Answer )

What is the typical life span for someone with AIDS?

Well, it depends. You could live long or short. Just take care of yourself and DONT WORRY!! the main thing is to aware of your condition and take care of yourself. Hope this helps :)

How long is the cheetahs life span?

Cheetah's can live up to 12 years or so in the wild. They are known to live upto 20 years in captivity (In Zoos). The lifespan is much shorter in the wild because, as they grow older, their speed comes down and their ability to hunt comes down. As a result they die much earlier in the wild.

Financial life cycle of an individual?

There are basically three stages . These are ,the accumulation phase, consolidation phase and the spending phase The accumulation phase A stage where individuals accumulates wealth , purchase of shares , ceding of life policies , insurance policies , purchase of fixed assets etc Consolidation pha ( Full Answer )

What animal has a long life span?

the animal with the longest lifespan is the giant tortoise with 152years. Runners up include: the box turtle with 123 years, theelephant with 69 years, and the horse with 50 years.

How long is the life span of a pumpkin?

For food: The cut fruit lasts about one week; uncut, perhaps one month. As species: From seed, to pumpkin, to seed: About 5-6 months.

Why do lions have a long life span?

i actually don't know but maybe they do because they're cats and cats have 9 lives i don't no y they do so sorry!

Can collection agencies garnish financial aid?

I would think not, that money is to be used for educational expenses only! That money is backed by the federal gov't to be used for your education! If they did that I'm sure you would have court standing.

How long is wolf's life span?

They live for about 10-13 years. However in captivity they can live to the age of 20.

How long is a eagles life span?

They live over 40 years and around 40 years of age, eagles go through a painful 5 month process of rebirth in which they remove and regrow their beak, talons and feathers thereby allowing them to live another 30 years.

How long is a chicken's life span?

On average the chicken lives for between six and eight years. Theoldest chicken ever recorded lived to be a ripe old age of 16.

How long is the life span of a spider?

It depends upon the species of spider. While Orb Weaver spiders live for only one season, female Tarantula spiders can live for up to 25 years.

How long is a ladybirds life span?

A ladybirds life span is short there life span are all different depending how u care for them. I had lots of ladybirds but they all died but luckily they have a thing called a generation so never fear running out of ladybirds

How long was the egyptians life span?

The exact length depends on what period in history you're talking about, and sking about historical life spans can lead to a mistaken impression. Assuming you mean ancient Egypt, a reasonable guess would be about 35 years. This doesn't mean everybody got to 35 and then suddenly kicked the bucket. ( Full Answer )

Can you finish your BA without financial aid assistance?

That would depend on how much money you have saved up and if you are working during college or not, and also if you want to finish within the traditional 4 years. Some people do still manage it without financial aid. Many do not.