How long can baby live in womb after water breaks?

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It depends on may things, if you have a high leak the membranes may seal and the pregnancy can continue. If your membranes are ruptured after 12 hours there is a fear of infection setting in, dangerous to both the baby and mother - you must be closely monitored for fever, pain and fetal distress. Another thing doctors look at is the cause of premature rupture as an infection is sometimes the cause, in that case antibiotics will be given and you may need to be induced or delivered by Cesarian Section to prevent further complications.
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How long can a baby red-eared slider turtle live under water?

Baby red-eared sliders... well for starters, don't worry about them drowning underwater. Just give them enough water so that their head is above the water. As long as they have some rocks on the side so that they can bask, you're good. =) Source: experience

Can a baby live outside the womb after the 20 week of pregnancy?

Answer . The age of viability is 24-26 weeks gestation, although a baby born that early will have some complications. A baby born at 20weeks gestation cannot survive outside of the womb; therefore, the further along the pregnancy, the greater the chances of survival for the fetus. Babies born ver ( Full Answer )

What does baby do in the womb?

actually they have a lot of fun in there. they sleep and when they arent they kick and stretch its a miracle it really is and they also grow and go through different stages

How does a baby get oxygen once the waters break?

Answer . The oxygen still comes through the placenta and umbilical cord just as it has all pregnancy. The cord and placenta are within the bag and attached to the mother so nothing changes in that regard. The supply of oxygen is only cut off from this source when the cord is cut, after the baby h ( Full Answer )

How does the baby grow inside the womb?

First, the penis must be inserted into the vagina. The penis will release the sperms (male sex cell) into the womb. Then, the sperm meets the egg (female sex cell). Then, they fuse together. The fertilised egg starts to divide to make more cells. It attaches itself to the wall of the mothers womb an ( Full Answer )

Do babies breathe in the womb?

No. There is no air in the womb. They obtain their oxygen through the umbilical cord.. There is no air so the baby does not breath, but it does make breathing motions.. no. it has oxygen, food and everything else it needs delivered through the cord. it starts breathing when it is born.

How long does koala carry her baby in her womb?

Koalas live in tropical to temperate eucalypt forest and woodlands and can be found along the eastern and south-eastern coastal regions. They live in eucalyptus trees and are mostly nocturnal and eat certain types of eucalypt leaves exclusively.. They breed from September to February. Females breed ( Full Answer )

How long can a 21-week-old baby stay dead in its mother's womb?

Surprising to me was the difficulties I encountered in coming up with a good answer to this question. The reasons why it has become almost undocumented, and nearly impossible to answer properly, fall into two categories: clinical and real-world.. The clinical aspects are the most scant (I'll explai ( Full Answer )

How long is a baby at 19 weeks in the womb?

Your baby is approximately 6 inches long and weighs 8 1/2 ounces! Check out this website for a picture and a week-by-week update of what your baby looks like!

Is a baby in the womb still a living human?

Ahh now here is an interesting question! Some Christians believe that once the egg is fertilized it's a human being and abortion is killing a living human. It's all about personal belief. Some people believe that after a certain time in the womb it's a human being or once they are actually fully bor ( Full Answer )

How long are baby fish in the womb?

Fish do not carry offspring in a womb. They lay eggs. The amount of time spent in the egg varies from species to species.

How long can a baby go without moving in the womb?

babies can go from mins to hours with out moving. it could also be scary feel the baby moving very offten to barly moving at all the next day, its all very normal it really worried see a doctor!

How long is a baby thylacine in the womb?

Thylacines no longer reproduce are they are now extinct. Being marsupials, the baby Thylacine joeys would have been no larger than about 2cm long at birth. Most of their development occurred in the female's pouch.

How long does a Kangaroo carry her babies in her womb?

There are over sixty known species of kangaroo, ranging from the largest, the Red kangaroo, to the smallest, the Musky rat kangaroo. Therefore, gestation periods vary. It should also be noted that kangaroos have the ability to suspend the development of the embryo whilst another joey is still in the ( Full Answer )

When the water breaks how long can the baby stay inside the womb?

After ROM (rupture of membranes) most doctors start to worry about infection after 12 hours. If the mom and baby are both doing well and labor is progressing, it is completely arbitrary to do a C/Section because X number of hours have passed. If the mother is kept well hydrated and doctors and nur ( Full Answer )

Can you hear babies cry in the womb?

There is a small percentage of mothers who may hear their babiescry I believe. As for me when I was at 29 weeks of pregnancy Iheard one of my twins in the womb crying whenever I felt hungry orwhen the hyper acidity attacks me. It's hard to explain why. But Ihear them on my left ear. Imagine the babi ( Full Answer )

How does a baby breath when the water breaks?

The baby wont begin to breathe as such, until it is born. it will still receive oxygenated blood from its mother via the umbilical cord. this is enough until it is stimulated to breathe after delivery.

How long a giant tortoise baby be in the womb?

Giant tortoises are not mammals and do not give live birth like humans. Instead, female tortoises lay two to sixteen eggs, which eventually hatch after one hundred and thirty days.

When can your baby recognize voice in the womb?

In the later stages of pregnancy; its not just voices but certain sounds as well. example; if 'mum-to-be' sits down in the afternoon to relax a bit and watch some tv, the baby can recognise the theme tune to a tv programme (or similar).

How does a baby open its eyes in the womb?

At 27 weeks gestation a baby can open its eyes an blink. I suppose it's a natural reaction/reflex like how we wake up and open our eyes, blinking.

Does a baby urinate in the womb?

Yes. I believe its at 12 weeks the baby can start secreting urine in the womb. it may be a little later then that but they definitely can and do

How can you tell your babys sex in the womb?

if you were in the 1920's no but since we live in 2010 we can find out the sex through an ultra sound anywhere from 16 weeks into the pregnancy to 20 weeks

How long can a baby go after the water breaks?

The baby can stay inside for a while after the baby is born, but there are many complications with this... it increases the chances of a baby getting an infection. it increases the pressure on the baby, which could hurt him/her. there is no water surrounding him as padding now to alleviate thi ( Full Answer )

How long does a mother echidna carry the baby in her womb?

A female echidna does not carry the baby echidna in her womb. Echidnas are monotremes, or egg-laying mammals. After mating, there is a gestation period for the egg of 23 days. During breeding season, the female develops a rudimentary pouch which is really just a flap of skin. When it comes time to ( Full Answer )

How does it not hurt the baby when the doctor breaks your water?

When a physician or midwife breaks your water, they use something called an amniohook (which almost looks like a plastic knitting needle) to snag the amniotic sac surrounding the baby. Once this sac is opened, the amniotic fluid leaks out. Because the sac isn't part of the baby's body, the act of br ( Full Answer )

How long after your water breaks should the baby be born?

That varies widely among individuals. The important thing is that once your water breaks, you need to get to your source of care for labor/delivery (hospital, midwife, etc.) if you aren't there already.

How long can a baby survive in a mothers womb after death?

Without the mother having any circulation or life support, itwouldn't last very long. They baby would begin to suffocate. After4 minutes, neurological damage would begin. In about 10 to 15minutes, there would be fetal death.