Betta and Siamese Fighting Fish

How long can betta fish grow?

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Betta fish grow to be an average of 2 inches from head to the beginning of the tail.

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How big can a betta fish get?

Betta Fish can grow to about 4 inches long (about 9cm).

How big do betta fish grow?

Betta fish grow to be an average of 2 inches from head to the beginning of the tail. They usually grow to weigh an ounce. Remember that female Betta are smaller than male Betta. I bought my male Betta fish an inch and a half long and in grew to 2 inches in about 6 months.

Why do betta fish need more room to grow?

Because, if they are in a small cage the Betta will stop growing. But, the organs will keep growing and the fish will die a long and painful death.

How long is a betta fish?

A betta fish is anywhere from 1 to 2 inches.

How long in length does a Betta fish get?

Betta fish can be from 2 to 4 inches long when fully grown.

What do you do when the betta fish are having babies?

just relax and watch them grow and leave the betta fish do what it has to do for the babie betta'z

How long do betta fish grow to be?

A body length of around 2.5 inches is a well grown male.

Can betta fish regenerate scales?

Yes a betta fish will grow back lost scales with time and clean water.

How do you handle betta fish?

A safe way to catch a betta fish to clean its bowl is with a small fish net. A fish net removes some of the fishes natural protective body slime but as long as it is healthy the coating will quickly grow back.

Why is your betta changing colour?

Betta fish grow paler and less active when they are sick or old.

How long does it take for betta fish to fight?

betta fish are unpredictable so you couldn't really tell

How long betta fish lives?

Betta fish usually live for between 1-3 years.

How big dose a fish grow?

A Betta Fish or Siamese Fighting Fish are only a few inches. The females grow to about 2.5" and males grow to 3".

Can a betta fish be in same tank as a dragon fish?

Betta fish can live with any other fish that are peaceful and do not have long, flowing fins as this could make the betta fish jealous and start a fight.

How big can betta fish grow?

The average is 1.5 inches

Do Betta fish outgrow their bowls?

it depends on how small the bowl is betta fish usually dont grow larger then 3 or 4 inches

Do betta fish attack goldfish?

Betta fish will attack and bright colored fish with long flowing fins, this includes goldfish.

How long can betta fish live?

betta fish can live for 3 to 2 years or even more if healthy.

Will betta fish kill other fish?

A betta can, and probably will, be aggressive to other fish and, yes, they can be so aggressive that they kill the other fish. If you do not have other fish with long fins or tails and fish about the same size your betta fish is less likely to attack.

Can a female betta live with a glo fish?

Yes as long as its a female betta they will be fine

How long do Betta fish live without food?

A betta fish can survive up to two weeks without foodA betta fish can survive up to two weeks without food

Will a betta kill tropical fish?

Depends what fish you have, if the fish are colourful and have long fins then it'll probably bite it to death, every betta is different.

What is the meaning of a betta fish tattoo?

A betta fish tatto would be a tattoo of a betta fish.

How do you know when a betta fish is fully grown?

A Male Betta will grow to about 2.5inches of body length and a Female will grow to about 2 inches of body length. A Betta is fully grown at about 6 to 8 months a Betta is very old at 30 to 36 months.

What preys on betta fish?

other Betta fish and the bigger fish.

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