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How long can chicken be kept in the freezer?

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They can be kept in the freezer for an hour (when alive), and four years when dead.

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How long is chicken good if kept in the freezer?

its good to keep in the freezer int ill the expiration date

How long can chicken stay in freezer?

The amount of time chicken can be kept in the freeze before going bad is from 4-9 months. Upon taking the chicken from the freezer to defrost, one should check for any signs of freezer burn before preparing.

How do you cook chicken kept in freezer for long?

first you have to thaw it by setting it out. then you just cook it like a regular piece of chicken... :) hope this helps

When is chicken no good in freezer?

If the chicken has been wrapped properly for the freezer then it can be kept up for a year, but once freezer burned it is best to throw it out only because the chicken will be on the tasteless side.

Is it ok to eat chicken kievs 6 months out of date but kept in freezer?

Yes, it will be fine to eat chicken Kiev's that are out of date. As long as the food was put in the freezer before the expiration date they can be eaten.

How long chicken in freezer?


How long will walnuts be kept in the freezer?

Nuts will keep indefinitely in the freezer.

Is cooked chicken still good after 7 days?

Not unless you kept it in the freezer.

How long can steak be kept in freezer?

If you keep it in the coldest part of the freezer, steak can be kept for several months, if not years.

How long does frozen chicken last before it goes bad?

Up to 2 years if kept in the freezer.

How long can chocolate covered raisins be kept in the freezer?

About 1-2 months in the freezer

How long can a cooked chicken pot be kept in the freezer?

Guessing the question was meant for chicken pot pie. This food can be frozen safely for years. This is a good way to keep all cooked meats.

How long can beef be kept in the freezer?

I have done my research and i found out Beef can other steaks can be kept in the freezer for 6 to 12 months.

How long can bananas be kept in the freezer?

About 2 months

Can you freeze bbq chicken?

yes as long as it fits in the freezer you can freeze the BBQ chicken

What are the benefits of using frojen chicken over fresh chickens?

Frozen chicken will stay longer, as the molecules slow down in the freezer. Fresh chicken does not have very many preservatives if any, so you have to cook it much quicker. Chicken in the freezer can be kept for a few months.

How long can chorizo be kept in freezer?

About 2 to 3 months.

How long can you keep a roast chicken in the freezer?

About a week in a half

How long can you keep chicken fillets in freezer?

Well I don't know the actual answer but I am guessing you can keep in the freezer until however long or unless you see a freezer burn.

How long can you keep chicken froozen?

Meats freeze and keep well in the freezer. You can store them over a year if kept frozen. Freezing is the best way to preserve foods.

How long will chicken last in the freezer?

uncooked can lost for one week to ten days in deep freezer

Is it bad if the chicken turns white when defrosting?

It could be bad if the chicken turns white when defrosting. This could mean that the chicken got freezer burn from being in the freezer too long. It is best to toss the chicken.

Is frozen chicken ok after 2 years?

Meats can be frozen for this long. If the chicken was kept frozen in an air tight container, it should still be good. Check the smell and look for freezer burn once the meat has thawed.

How long will yeast last in freezer?

Dried yeast should keep for about a year in the freezer if kept in airtight packaging.

How long can vacuumed sealed fish be kept in the freezer?

five days