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Peggy, the lender got a judgment against you for the Unpaid Balance after selling the car. That judgment becomes a sellable item. Agencys and attorneys and LARGE companys BUY the judgments before SOL runs out and tries to collect.However, some agencys try to collect even when its no longer possible. Verify that they are legit before you make any payment arrangemnets with them.

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Q: How long can they keep trying to collect on a repossession?
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What is the statute of limitations on the lienholder trying to collect the balance of the loan after sale on a voluntary repossession of a car?

the same as an invol. Depends on your state laws. If the lender has gotten a judgement, it could be a long while.

How long after a repossession can a creditor sue you?

A creditor can try to collect forever but it's usually not worth the cost of involving the courts.

Is there a statute of limitations on how much time they have to collect after a repossession?

The SOL starts when the Lender gets a JUDGEMENT for the balance due.IF the judgment is sold correctly, it can stretch for a long time.

How long after repossession can you get a car loan?

The repossession stays on your credit report for 7 years.

How long does a buy here pay here keep their titles on record for repossession?

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How long is a repossession on your records?

7 years

How long does the repossession process of a car usually take?

The repossession process of a car usually takes about 6 months

If I missed five payments on a motorcycle can I pay them late and avoid repossession?

Up until the time that your motorcycle is actually repossessed, the dealer will be happy to receive your payments, even if they are late, and will allow you to keep the motorcycle. But if you wait too long the repossession will happen.

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How long does the state of Florida have to file a voluntary repossession claim against you?

There is no specific time limit for a repossession in Florida. Florida law does not require a creditor to give notice before starting a repossession.

Can you be threatened with repossession for having been arrested?

You being arrested has no bearing on your loan. As long as you make the payments on time there will be no repossession. The loan company does not care if you are in jail as long as they get their money.

How long will a repossession agent search for a vehicle?

Till they find it.

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If you still owe money on a car after a repossession is there a time limit for how long the loan company has to collect it?

check the SOL in your state. Usually 7-10 yrs. but the judgments get renewed so it goes on and on like an Energizer bunny...

What is the statute of limitations in Georgia for repossession of a vehicle?

I don't think there is a statute of limitation on repossession of a vehicle anywhere as long as there is an overdue payment outstanding.

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How long does a repossession in Mississippi stay on your credit report?

By federal law, 7 years from the date of repossession or sale or last payment. The state is irrelevant.

How long does a voluntary repossession affect your credit rating?

7 years.

How long does repossession show on credit report?

3-7 years

How long do lenders in Florida have to collect on a judgment?

hoe long do lenders have to collect on a judgement in fla.

How long after repossession does the finance company have to garnish your wages?

They aint going to....They try to scare you with that, as long as they have there property there good!!

When doing a repossession in Texas can you block their car in?

When doing a repossession in Texas can you block their car in?Check with the local police departments. You probably can, as long as the car is NOT parked on private property.

How long does a voluntary repossession stay on your credit report?

For Experian, a voluntary repossession will remain on your credit report for seven years from the original delinquency date of the debt.

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