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As little as possible!

Without knowing the situation surrounding your inquiry I can't give you a true estimate. Too many variables. Generally aquatic turtles should have access to water at all times.

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Q: How long can turtles live without water?
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How much time can earth turtles live without food?

how long do turtles live with out food? how long do turtles live with out food?

How long can Japanese leaf turtles live with out eating?

THEY CAN LIVE 10 days without eating as long as they can drink water :P

How long can Baby Murray Turtles live without water?

I have three Baby Murray turtles, I let them play in the shower for abot an hour with no water.I would say they could go an hour without water.

How long can turtles survive without water?

one day

How long can a turtle live without food?

Turtles can live two or three weeks without food. In the winter months, turtles can go 5 months without eating.

Can Turtles live underwater?

NO! they will die under water to long!

How long can red eared sliders go without water?

No they cannot because they are very different than tortoises who can live without water but with turtles they are amphibious which means they HAVE TO HAVE WATER WITH THEM AT ALL TIMES.

How long do mud turtles live?

how long do mud turtles live?

Can long neck's turtles live in water?

uhhh....yes of course

How long can a turtle live without water?

some turtles can live days without water. Some turtles don't even need a lot of water. but a water turtle can get out of the water for a minute so you can play with it. and then put him back in the water. answer: there are many different types of turtle, but the sea turtle can only survive a short period of time before the die.

Can living things live without water for long periods of time?

no they cannot live without water for that long

How long can red eared slider turtles live out of water?

two mounths

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