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You are subject to a ticket for driving without insurance the moment one wheel of an uninsured vehicle touches the pavement of a public road under it's own power.

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Q: How long can you go with auto insurance before they give a penalty?
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Can an auto dealership legally give you only 2 days to get auto insurance?

Most dealerships will require insurance before you drive off the lot.

Should you speak to any auto insurance specialists before you change your policy?

Yes, it is wise to speak with an auto insurance specialist before changing policies. They can give advice on coverage for a person's specific situation.

Can the DMV give me a CA auto insurance quote?

DMV will not provide auto insurance quote.

Where can I find auto insurance companies in Texas? will give you a listing of many insurance companies in Texas that can give you auto insurance quotes.

Where can one find comparison prices for Home and Auto Insurance quotes?

Progressive, and Wells Fargo has insurance, if you contact them they will give you benefits and disadvantages of Auto Insurance quotes and Home Insurance Quotes.

What companies have the cheapest auto insurance?

Progressive Auto Insurance is by far the cheapest auto insurance I have personally found for myself. They give you exclusive savings and discounts for signing up online which can save you tons of money!

What is the number of points you are allowed to have before insurance companies deny your claim for auto insurance?

The number of points have nothing to do with an insurance claim. If you are asking about a company refusing to give you auto insurance, it depends on your state and the individual insurance company. For example I have received reports of one company refusing to renew any driver with a 20mph over the limit ticket.

Can an auto insurance co legally deny damages in an accident if they found out you lied about having a lapse in auto insurance just before you signed with them?

Yes. You are required to give full and honest answers in an application for auto insurance. The contract likely states that the discovery of any false information can lead to a termination of coverage. It doesn't matter if the matter you were dishonest about has no connection to the auto accident.

Where can discount auto insurance be purchased?

The best thing to do is to call several auto insurance companies. They should be able to give you the information on under what condition they give discounts, and what is the percentage of those discounts.

On which website can I receive an auto insurance quote for California drivers?

There are many websites you can obtain quotes for auto insurance on. However, the Progressive site will give you a quote for multiple insurance companies.

How do I start to find auto insurance? and will both give you competing rates for insurance in your area.

Where can one find reviews for DWI auto insurance?

Almost any insurance website will have reviews for DWI auto insurance. They will also have rates, and free quotes as well, if you give them your valid information.

Are there auto insurance comparision websites?

There are several websites out there that will give you auto insurance comparisons. Just look it up online and you will find numerous websites listed.

Can the DMV give me an Illinois auto insurance quote.?

No, you would be better looking online for auto insurance quotes. You can get quotes from AAA, Geico, or esurance online.

How can I find auto insurance rates instantly online?

Visit Enter your zip code, and it will compare rates and give you the best price on auto insurance.

How do you check car insurance policy on net?

Only your Insurance Companies own website will give you access to your auto insurance policy.

How do you find insurance quotes on cars?

You find Auto Insurance Quotes by contacting Auto Insurers. Some give quotes online, almost all will give you a quote over the phone. Just contact any insurance company of your preference.

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Can someone give me some information on commercial automobile insurance?

Most companies that offer individual auto insurance also offer commercial auto insurance. These are insurance plans designed for commercial vehicles. If your friend is happy with his individual auto insurance company, he should ask that company what plans they offer for commercial vehicles.

What are three companies that will give an auto insurance quote?

It is always best to visit price comparison websites when looking for an auto insurance quote. However three companies that can give you a quote are Direct Line, Churchill and AXA.

Where can a free insurance quote be obtained?

Progressive, State Farm and Geico provide free auto insurance quotes. Almost all auto insurance companies will give you a free quote online or via telephone.

What company offers the cheapest auto insurance for someone who's had three accidents (all my fault) in the last year?

Allstate auto insurance can still give you great rates on car insurance even with accidents.

What online website will give me an instant auto insurance quote? will give you an auto insruance quote with just 10-15 minutes of data entry.

Where do you get your auto direct insurance quote?

You can get your auto direct insurance quote online or you can get an agent to come by your house and give you a quote. You could also go into one of there offices to get your quote.

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