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Depending on your body i am alomst sure you can go for over 40 days without food as long as you drink plenty of water!! However if you are doing this as a way to lose weight i urge u to maybe try exercising rather than starving yourself!!

I agree with everything you said, and I just wanted to add that the reason why not eating for that long is not healthy because ur body will realise that you are not consuming any nutrients and it will automatically hold on to the fat that you already have.
Talk to a doctor before attempting a fasting diet. Going without food can be very harmful and not give the expected result. To loose weight most effectively, eat a low calorie diet, drink plent of water and make certain that a good percentage of your diet includes high quality protein, green veggies and fruit. Starvation diets may result in serious and permanent health problems and possibly even death. Often an extreme measure like the one you're considering leads to a shutdown of body functions in an attempt to preserve resources in what is perceived as a famine. A body that normally burns a lot of calories every day can become very slow to burn fat if you go on a starvation diet. You may not end up loosing as much weight as if you just ate sensibly.
it depends how long you have gone without eating or how fat you are.

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10 days

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You body can go way more then 10 they have diets and stuff that you wonโ€™t eat for 20 daysย 

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Q: How long can you go without eating?
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