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If its frumunda cheese you can keep it sealed for about 5-6 months

Definition of Frumunda Cheese: Cheese From unda your ballsack

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Q: How long can you keep vacuumed sealed natural cheese?
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How long to keep vacuumed packed feta cheese?

Unopened , I would keep it a month at most.

Why is cheese sealed in plastic bags?

To keep it fresh

How long can you keep feta cheese if vacuum sealed?

1 month max.

What is the best way to keep cheese stay fresh?

keep it sealed in ex. plastic wrap with little air and it needs to be in a refridgerator.

Why do blocks of cheese have shiny outsides?

Blocks of cheese that are shiny outside have been sealed in wax. This helps to keep some types of cheese from drying out during the aging process.

How long does vacuumed sealed fish stay in the refrigerator?

This food will keep for about 5 days in the refrigerator. Place the food in an air tight container for the best results. This food can easily be transferred to the freezer for longer storage time.

How do you shred fresh mozzarella cheese?

An ordinary grater will do the trick. Make sure the cheese is cold, straight from the fridge. If you're not using the grated cheese immediately, put it in a sealed bag or container, keep it in the fridge and use it within a couple of days.

What is the best way to keep cocaine fresh?

keep it sealed in a baggy and keep it in dry rice. keep it sealed in a bag and put the bag in dry rice.

Why do you have to keep cheese cold?

If you keep your cheese warm it will melt but if you keep it cold it won't melt. That is why your mom keeps the cheese in the refrigerater. ^_^

How do you melt cheese on a stove top?

* If it is just velveeta, add the cheese and some rotel or water. The water (either natural or from the rotel) will keep it from scorching on the bottom of your pot.

How long does cream cheese frosting stay good in the refrigerator?

Cream cheese frosting in the refrigerator lasts about a week or less.

How long can one keep a sealed glass jar of foie gras in the fridge?

How long can one keep a sealed jar of 'foie gras' in the fridge?

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