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If, as you noted in your expository comment, your case has been adjudicated (you've seen a judge and he sentenced you to community service), the conditions of your sentence will have been given to you. Read your paperwork.

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Can you go to jail for kicking a car?

Only if you get caught you can.

Will you go to jail if i take a undocumented person to another city in my car?

No, only if you get caught. As long as they have a passport, or visa, they will be fine. If not, then I doubt you would go to jail, but they might.

How many people are put in jail for animal abuse?

All people that abuse animals have gone to jail only if they get caught.

How long will you have to spend in jail if caught using marijuana?

It's not against the law to smoke, it's only illegal to have...so if you are smoking a joint or a blunt and the cops roll up, eat it...they will def. search but if you dont have anything else on you then you will be good. That's why you dont drive around with it!

How long was lady gaga in jail?

she never went to jail, it was only video pretend

Can you go to jail for lying to a government agency?

I would say...YES But only if you would get caught or if they somehow found out about it.

Will you go to jail if caught with a bb gun?

yes, only if you threatened someone with it or used it to commit or attempted to commit a crime.

How much booze can you give a newborn?

I can only hope this is a joke question...the answer is NONE...if you get caught giving "booze" to a newborn you will probably end up in jail for a very long time - which is where you belong if you do such a despicable act.

What happens to a somebody if they abused an animal?

first they get a warning and a fine. then if they get caught again they ONLY get a few months in jail. i think that they need to get a very big fine and a lot of jail time. dont you?!

How long is tpain in jail?

TMZ said only for a couple of hours. who no's?

What is the punishment for vandalism in Tennessee?

there is a punishment but only if you get caught and i hope all the vandals in Tennessee it is about $1,000 in damages and 5 to 10 months in jail.

Is jailbreak harmful?

a little bit it is super rare to get in trouble for it... only a few people have been caught for jail-breaking their ipod-touch

What will happen if you get caught with crack?

You'll go to jail. If you're under 18 you'll probably get a reduced punishment like only 4 months in jail, a year or two of probation and possibly community service.

What's the difference between jail and prison?

A jail is somewhere only temporary prisoners go. A prison is where they go to serve long sentences.

How long can you spend in the key in basketball?

if your on offense then you can only be in the key for three seconds

What happen to prisoners that get caught with knife in his cell?

they usually just go into like another secluded jail or get treated very badly. i dunno I've never been in jail but im only guessing, i think they get more time?

Where do you grave rob on marapets?

http://www.marapets.com/graverobbing.php Keep in mind the grave robber is only asleep certain hours of the day and you can go to jail if caught.

If you get caught driving in the state of KY with expired tags what happens?

The only thing that will happen if you are caught driving with expired tags in Kentucky, is a fine of 143 dollars. No points will be added to your insurance and there is no risk of license suspension or jail time.Ê

How long do you go to jail for stealing a car?

depends on the curcumstances if your lucky you might only get a year.

How long was Adolf Hitler in jail?

He was sentenced to five years but only served nine months

How long does Santa spend at one house?

I did some calculations and figured out he can only spend about 0.0000325419 seconds at each household around the globe.

How long you serve if caught with knife?

well, you won't go to jail just for owning a knife and i believe many people carry a weapon for self defence in their car. I also know many people who carry a pocket knife. The only why they would care if you had a knife is if you had one at grade school, high school and i don't know about colledge. I don't know how much time you'd spend though

Why did johnny cash go to jail?

they found speed hidden in his guitar and he did'NT have a prescription for them he only spent one day in jail

How many years do Chris Brown have in jail?

Chris Brown has only been in jail for a day because of when he got arrested! Then he got bailed out on a bond. He is now going 2 court 2 see how long he will be in jail.

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