How long can you survive with heart cancer?

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heart cancer is a rare disease and is very rare to survive from it. In a rare case like heart cancer, you would be very lucky to survive 12-24 months and if not 6-12 months. Heart cancer is like any other cancer, which is very hard to remove. Heart cancer can kill you just like a sudden heart attack.
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What is the survival rate for prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer is more common in men with African-Caribbean andAfrican backgrounds, but less common in men with Asian backgrounds.The survival rate for prostate cancer, 75% of prostate cancer casesare diagnosed in men aged 65 years and over. Men under 50 accountfor around 1% of prostate cancer diag ( Full Answer )

What are survival rates for gallbladder cancer?

Answer . Of all those people diagnosed with cancer of the gallbladder fewer than 1 in 20 people (5%) will be alive 5 years later.\n. \nStage 0 and 1\nIf you have such an early stage of cancer of the gallbladder, you are most likely to have a simple cholecystectomy. About 60 out of every 100 pe ( Full Answer )

How long can you survive with lung cancer?

If diagnosed with lung cancer a person has a 95% chance of dying from either lung cancer or another cancer. Lung cancer spreads to other organs in the body, just as cancers in other organs spread to the lungs. Obviously the time it takes to die from cancer varies for each person. And if all of we ( Full Answer )

What are the survival rates for cancer?

"Survival Rates for Cancer" basics . There are many factors when it comes to "Survival rates for cancer". At what stage was the cancer discovered? For example mammograms are used as a preventative measure against breast cancer. Older men are routinely screened for PSA in their blood as a way of ( Full Answer )

Can you survive lung cancer?

Yes. My grandad had lung cancer, it was a really stressful time but he had lots of support and treatment and then he had the lung removed and now he is in tip top condition. :D

What are Survival rates for bladder cancer?

bladder cancer has a very good survival rate. if the cancer is discovered early than the survival rate or five years is 94%. this is very good compared to other cancers we know about today. however when the cancer has spread to the organs in the pelvic region than the rates drop down to 49% and once ( Full Answer )

Survival rate for breast cancer?

Depending on the stage of the cancer, the breast or tumor may be removed followed by intense rounds of radiation or chemotherapy to halt the division of cells and isolate the primary tumor. These measures may also be taken to minimize pain and make the patient comfortable if they are in Stage IV. ( Full Answer )

My 75-year old mom has stage iv small cell lung cancer-how long without treatment could she survive?

my dad had a incurable lung cancer he was just 56 years old loved work and running about they say time are different but without treatment they say 5 mouths if you are lucky my dad had cemo and radio and he lasted 7 1/2 mouths the best thing i can say in them last mouths spend as much time as u can ( Full Answer )

How long can a man survive with prostate cancer?

Well, my father is still alive. He has been fighting prostate cancer for 15+! years. Since about 2 years it has turned into advanced prostate cancer with multiple metastases. He is still fighting. Originally the doctors gave him 8 to 10 years after having removal of the cancerous prostate. I dont th ( Full Answer )

What baseball players survived cancer?

Eric Davis is a former American baseball player who was diagnosedwith colon cancer. He survived after under going treatment. JoeTorre is another baseball player that is a cancer survivalist.

How do you survive cancer?

I hope what you mean is how not to get Cancer. First thing is prevention of things that can cause Cancer . Smoking,Alcohol etc. Then if you have a family history of Cancer you should go for regular check ups. Women should go for screening of Breast and Womb Cancer periodically as advised by their GP ( Full Answer )

How many people survive cancer?

An answer to this would be meaningless as there are many different types of cancer and they all have different survival rates - mainly depending on how soon the cancer is detected. Which is doctor speak for "lol I don't know". It's a simple question why can't people just give a general answer that ( Full Answer )

How do you get heart cancer?

There is no specific answer on how to get heart cancer. However, heart cancer can begin from another cancer, but mainly in the tissue.

Breast cancer survival rate?

The breast cancer survival rate varies greatly on the patient andtheir response to treatment. Breast cancer survival rates for earlydetection are 100%. Stage 2 breast cancer has a survival rate of 93percent, the stage 3 survival rate is 72 percent, and the stage 4survival rate is 22 percent.

What is the survival rate of pancreatic cancer?

According to the American Cancer Society, for all stages of pancreatic cancer combined, the one-year relative survival rate is 20% and the five-year rate is 4% . These low survival rates are attributable to the fact that fewer than 10% of patients' tumors are confined to the pancreas alone at the t ( Full Answer )

Bladder cancer survival rate?

When tumors are in the early stages and have not grown into the bladder wall, they can usually be removed by an outpatient surgical procedure. The five-year survival rate for patients with early stage bladder cancer is 85%. Fortunately, most patients with bladder cancer (up to 80%) will be diagnosed ( Full Answer )

What is the survival rate for pancreatic cancer?

If we take a look at all pancreatic cancers, one-year survival rate is about 20%. The five-year rate drops to about 5%. These dismal figures are probably due to the fact that about 9 out of 10 patients have a tumor or tumors in other places as well as the pancreas when they are diagnosed. Very often ( Full Answer )

What is the breast cancer survival rate?

The breast cancer survival rate in today's society varies. It depends a great deal on how far the cancer has spread. If surgery, chemo, or radiation work, the survival rate is 100%, but sadly if the cancer is too far spread or does not respond to treatment the rate is poor.

How many people survived from cancer?

That's impossible to find out. Most people don't want to expolite when they've got an illness. Jade Goody did....she died.

What is the survival rate for bone cancer?

The predicted survival rate for people with bone cancer is fiveyears. Many people that are diagnosed with bone cancer survive wellpast five years.

Survival rates for cancer?

This information is taken from Prognosis and survival rate can depend on a great many things. Type of cancer, treatments, lifestyle, and genetics all play a very important role in being a cancer survivor. There are statistics available that sum up survival rates by breast cancer ( Full Answer )

Is pancreatic cancer survivable?

No, not by conventional, allopathic medicine as promoted by the FDA, AMA and the Rockefellers. The Rockefellers are intersted in population reduction, making money, influencing government legislation, world government, and so on.. My sister's inlaws did not want to hear about any alternative medici ( Full Answer )

What are the chances of surviving penile cancer?

Patients with Stage I and II have a five year survival rate ofabout 85 percent. If it Stage III or IV, the survival rate is about59 percent. It is metastasized to distant parts of the body, it isabout 11 percent.

What are the odds of surviving skin cancer?

i would say that it is around 80 percent of surviving the illness because in 1930 it was around 50-50 and in 1990 it was 65 percent but technology has advanced so much over the years there so yeah

What is the survival rate of gastrointestinal cancer?

The cancer industry as practiced by Western medicine is corrupted by money powers who historically have influenced medical training and the funding of science to insure their monopoly control. The system has been so structured to prevent competition with existing money making drugs and treatment met ( Full Answer )

How long can you survive cardiomyopathy without a heart transplant?

It depends on the severity of the case. A friend of mine waslucky to be in the hospital before the worst of it kicked in. Henearly had a heart transplant, but in the end, didn't get on. He'sbeen living for over 10 years with his heart regulated by aconstant series of medications and cardiologist vis ( Full Answer )

How long can a person survive renal cell cancer?

This REALLY is a question that is better handled directly by physicians. You can imagine how fraught with danger and strife any given answer would be. You can do lots of research on-line, as you know, on virtually any topic you can imagine. But such a personal and wrenching question has to be taken ( Full Answer )

What is the survival rate for spine cancer?

Depending on the course of treatment your doctor may decide on (eg, removing the tumor(s), administering steroids to reduce inflammation, radiotherapy), your survival rate can be anywhere from 75-90%, so long as the cancer doesn't metastisise anywhere else.

How long can you survive esophageal cancer without treatment?

My dad was diagnosed with Stage III(a) EC a little over 9 months ago (May 2010) and has done nothing in terms of treatment. He is still leading a normal life and doing all the things he normally does. He has some problems swallowing his food but I think he's learned to live with that (for the most p ( Full Answer )

How is cancer survival measured?

Cancer survival is measured in many ways. One way is what kind of cancer you have, and doctors and specialists can sometimes base life expectancy from that. Also, cancer has stages (e.g. leukemia and breast cancer ), and that can also help with the lifetime expectancy. I'm pretty sure there are mo ( Full Answer )

What is the survival rate of ovarian cancer?

Unfortunately this question is vague - This is extremely dependent on staging of the cancer. It's also dependent on type of cancerous cells. I'll give staging for invasive epithelial ovarian cancer and we'll go from there... The numbers after the --> are % relative 5-year survival I --> 89% IA - ( Full Answer )

What does cancer cells need to survive?

I actually read (from the Harvard Medical School website) that cancer cells rely on normal, healthy genes and cells as much as they rely on mutated ones. Also, they can only survive if the cell that they are living in is low on oxygen. Just like we need oxygen to survive (that's why we can't survive ( Full Answer )

How long does a surviving cancer patient have to wait to get life insurance?

Most but not all cancers will have a "postpone period" that starts on the day you complete your cancer treatment. The postpone period will depend on the type of cancer you had, cancer staging, cancer treatment and the completion of treatment. Some cancers such as basal cell skin cancer are insurab ( Full Answer )

What are the survival rates for cervical cancer?

For cervical cancers that are diagnosed in the preinvasive stage, the five-year-survival rate is almost 100%. When cervical cancer is detected in the early invasive stages, approximately 91% of women survive five years or more.

How will cancer affect you if you survive it?

Mostly likely, but there is no single answer for this question. Most cancer treatments have side-effects and/or last after effects. It depends on what type of cancer and where it was located. Example if you had breast cancer and had to have a mastectomy , then you would probably have to come t ( Full Answer )

How can you survive brain cancer?

Speaking from experience, the best way to survive brain cancer is to play mario kart excessively. Rainbow Road stimulates brain cells and brain activity. Do not play online mode otherwise the eight year old Asian kids, (who built the system) will make you rage and you will most likely have a brain a ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to survive vulvar cancer?

Yes! If Ladies and all Health Professionals are made aware of all the early signs and symptoms of vulval cancer, it can and will be picked up in those vital early stages. . Not only will this help prevent the extensive surgery a Radical Vulvectomy entails, but it will also save many ladie's lives. ( Full Answer )

What is survival rate for kidney cancer?

depending on the stage within the first 5 years there is a 90-95% survival rate as long as the tumor if there is one is less than 4cm large. hope this answer helped!

What is the kidney cancer survival rate?

Cancer is a very difficult topic. Each case is different and should always been consulted with a professional. The average is 5 year survival rate. Again each case is unique as is each cancer. Always seek help.

How does a man with breast cancer survive?

While breast cancer is much more prevalent in women than in men, it must be noted that the survival rate is similar between both sexes of people diagnosed with the disease. In any case, breast cancer must be treated by a doctor.

What are lung cancer survival rates?

Lung cancer survival rates depend a litany of factors, not the least of which is at what stage the cancer was initially detected. Where the cancer is detected early and is localized to the lung, the five-year survival rate 52.6 percent.