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How long did Anne Frank live in Germany?

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Anne Frank lived in Germany until the age of 4. Her family then fled because of the rise of the Nazi Party.

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How long did anne frank live in Amsterdam?

Anne Frank lived in Amsterdam for twelve years. Her family moved to Amsterdam from Germany in 1933, and she died in 1945.

How long did Anne Frank live for?

anne frank lived for 15 years

How long did Anne Frank live until?

Anne Frank lived until she was fifteen in the cocentration camp after getting typhus

Anne frank was born in Frankfurt am main germanyin 1929 she then moved to amsterdamthe netherlandsin 1934how long did she live in Germany?

5 years

How long was Anne Frank in concentration camps?

Anne Frank was living in various concentration camps for about a year. She died of typhus in Bergen-Belson concentration camp in Germany.

How long was Anne Frank in capture?

Anne Frank was in capture for two years

How long did Anne Frank and her family live in Amsterdam?

they hid for 2 years in Amsterdam

Where does Anne Frank find what she long for?

Anne frank long for her diary does not find it because she dies from typhus

How long did Anna frank live in the attic?

It's ANNE Frank! Not Ann or Anna, OK, so to the answer, 2 years. :)

How long was Anne Frank in hidding?

Anne Frank was in hiding from July 1942 to August 1944.

What does Anne Frank long for?

I believe that Anne Frank longs for people to stop reading her diary.

How long did anne frank live in holland?

10 years. She and her sister and mother fled Nazi Germany in 1934 to join her father, who had established business in Amsterdam. In 1944 she was deported to Auschwitz in Poland.

How long did Anne Frank stay alive?

Once in a camp between 6-7 mos.Anne Frank was 15 years old when she died, that would mean she live for 15 years.

How long did Anne Frank live there for in the annex?

Anne Frank lived in hiding for 2 years and 29 days. Her family and her went into hiding on July 6th 1942 and were arrested on august 4th 1944

How long did Otto Frank live?

Anne Frank's father Otto lived from 1889 to 1980, 91 years.

Did Anne Frank have lice?

Yes Anne Frank had lice. She died fromTyphus disease which is from having lice tto long

Is Anne Frank alive right now in 2011 or if not then how long did she live then?

Anne Frank did not survive the Nazi extermination camps. She died in Auschwitz in the Spring of 1945, about five months after she and her family were discovered hiding in Amsterdam, Holland.

How long did Anne Frank live?

12th June, 1929 to early March 1945 (the precise date of her death is unknown)

Who long was anne frank in school for?

8 years

How long did Anne Frank keep her diary?


Did Anne Frank have freedom?

Well, I don't think Anne Frank had freedom. She was trapped in that attic for a long time and she couldn't do anything about it.

How long was Anne Frank in school?

All together, Anne was in school about eight years.

Who old is Anne Frank now?

She died a long time ago. anne frank is 85 year old

How long did Anne Frank spend in school?

i think 2yrs. so shut up and get a life and stop talking about anne frank :D

How was Anne Frank successful?

Anne Frank was successful because she was able to stay in hiding so long and able to express her feelings into her dairy.

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