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20 years

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Q: How long did Elisha follow Elijah?
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How did elisha submit to Elijah?

Elisha ministered to Elijah.

Who was with Elijah when he went to heaven?

Elisha Elisha

Did elisha or Elijah part the Jordan river?


Who succeeded Elijah as prophet?

Elisha, he saw Elijah taken up in a chariot of fire, Elijah's mantle fell to the ground & Elisha put it on. Elijah told Elisha that if he saw him ascend, he would have a double portion of Elijah's annointing, so Elisha didn't let him out of his sight.

Who succceeded Elijah as prophet?

It was Elisha.

Who succeed Elijah as prophet?


Who took the mantle from Elijah?


What prophet helped prophet Elisha?

Elisha was the protégé of Elijah.

Which prophet took over from Elijah?

Elisha was the faithful disciple of the prophet Elijah, and his successor.

How many miracles did Elijah and elisha perform?

According to tradition, Eliyahu (Elijah) performed seven miracles, and Elisha did fourteen. See also: The Israelite prophets

Was Elisha Elijah's armor bearer?

No. Neither Elijah nor Elisha was a fighter. They were prophets of the Lord.

What names of profits are there?

Elisha, Elijah, Job, and others.

Who succeeded Elijah as prophet in the old testament?

He was Elisha

Did Elijah and and Elisha leave us any writings?

No they did not.

Who died first elisha or Elijah?

Elijah. According to the bible, he was taken up in a fiery chariot.

Who succeeded Elijah as a leader among the prophets of God?


Which Hebrew prophet fortold the coming of the messiah?

Elijah or Elisha

Which book in the Bible tells the story of the prophet Elisha?

The story of Elisha is found in the Old Testament book of 2 Kings ch.19 commencing with verse 16.God is speaking to Elijah and tells him in v. 16 ".........and Elisha, (who is the son of Shaphat, of Abel Meholah) you will anoint as prophet in your (Elijah) place."Elijah found Elisha and threw his mantle (Cloak) on him. This symbolized that he was electing Elisha to receive the authority and power of his (Elijah's) office of prophet.

Was the prophet Elisha married?

There is no Biblical record of the name of a wife or children of Elisha, the successor to Elijah (the same is true of Elijah).

Did prophets perform miracles?

No,only Elijah and Elisha performed miracles

What 3 prophets of the bible did not write a book?

Elijah, Elisha, Nathan

What is the origin of pass the mantle?

I will take a guess that this is a biblical reference to the prophets Elijah and Elisha in 2Kings, where Elijah's mantle or cloak is passed to Elisha at the time that Elijah is taken up to heaven in a chariot of fire.

Was Elijah Elisha's successor?

Actually Elisha was Elijah's successor. Elisha became prophet when Elijah was taken up to heaven in a chariot. Story is found in the Old Testament in the book of 2nd Kings chapter 2.

Which book of the Bible tells the story of the prophet Elisha?

The story of the prophet Elisha is told in the Old Testament book of 1 Kings, but mostly in the book of 2 Kings. Elisha is mentioned in the story of Elijah. This is the story of Elijah being taken up by the whirlwind, and it can be found in 2 Kings.

What did Elisha do?

A:The Second book of Kings describes Elisha as the disciple and successor to Elijah. It was in the gift of Elijah to grant his supernatural powers to his companion and protege, Elisha. There is no suggestion that either Elijah or Elisha thought of asking God whether this was to be, and Elisha soon demonstrated that he had these powers by becoming the third person, after Joshua and Elijah, to divide the waters of the Jordan. In an episode remarkably like one earlier attributed to Elijah, Elisha made a pot of oil into one that never emptied, no matter how much was poured from it (2 Kings 4:3-7). Later, just as the woman friend in whose home Elijah was staying had accused Elijah of bringing evil that caused the death of her son, so a woman friend in whose home Elisha often stayed, accused him of deceiving her, after her son had died. And just as Elijah lay on top of the son to revive him, so Elisha lay on top of the other son to revive him (2 Kings 4:28-35). These episodes seem to be a retelling, in a slightly different context, of the stories already told about Elijah.One story about Elisha (2 Kings 2:23-24) does no credit either to Elisha or his God - he cursed in the name of God 42 little children who had laughed at his bald head, whereupon the children were mauled by wild bears.A:Elisha the prophet did many things, but the main ones are raising the widows son, who died. And healing of Nahaman from leprosy , he was told to dip himself 7 times in the river Jordan.