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The Johnson Chair Company of Chicago IL began making chairs in 1868. In 1899, they made chairs for the US House and Senate. In 1918 they showed at the National Furniture Exchange of Chicago in July of that year. In 1939 they copyrighted the phrase "Selling helps for those who sell Johnson chairs."

The Johnson Chair Company was at 4401-4531 W. North Avenue, Chicago, IL., according to a brochure for the Johnson Pos-Chair. A.P. Johnson died in 1907, and Johnson Chair was taken over by his sons and nephew. One of A. P.'s sons, Arthur L. Johnson, who died just last week (March 2008) at age 87, lived in Delavan, WI, after selling the company to Helene-Curtis in 1948. The trade name "Johnson Chair" was sold to Gunlocke Co. of Wayland, New York, which continued to sell "Johnson Chairs" until 1979. There are earlier Chicago addresses for A. P. Johnson & Company (1875-1882) and Johnson Chair Company (1883-1907) at 233-235 North Green Street. Some of this info comes from the Chicago Historical Society and some from "A History Of Norwegians In Illinois," John Anderson Publishing Company, 1905, pp241-244. The famous Chicago Fire, apparently spared Johnson Chair Company. In 1899, Johnson Chair Company made chairs for the US House and Senate. They were also contracted to make chairs for the 1893 World's Fair/Columbian Exposition in Chicago.

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Q: How long did Johnson Chair Company Chicago remain in business?
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