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it took him 12 years

*Needs source.

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What comes first 'The Hobbit' or 'The Lord of the Rings'?

The Hobbit is set about 60 years before most of the events in The Lord of the Rings.The Hobbit was published in 1937. The Lord of the Rings did not come out for over 20 years after that. It took Tolkien a long time to write the follow up.

Does someone else write the Lord of the Rings story?

No, J. R. R. Tolkien wrote all of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings stories entirely himself, nobody is writing any new ones.However, his son Christopher Tolkien has taken many of his father's earlier works and compiled and edited them into publishable form. The first of these was The Silmarillion. These stories however contain no hobbits and are mostly about the Elves and wars that happened long ago in the First Age.

What planet is called the lord of rings?

Perhaps you mean Saturn? That is the sixth planet of the solar system, the one with the rings.If you mean the name of the setting of the book The Lord of the Rings, that would be Arda, which is in Eä (all that is, the universe). Tolkien at least for some time supposed it was a fictional long-gone historic time of our Earth.

How long did it take to write The Lord of the Rings?

Tolkien began writing The Lord of the Rings as a series of sequels to The Hobbit in 1937 and completed the full set of six sequels in 1949. Initially he tried to convince his publisher to have The Lord of the Rings published as one complete volume to be followed by The Silmarillion in another volume, but his publisher rejected The Silmarillion as they wanted only "hobbit stories" not a "mythology of Middle Earth", which they saw as uninteresting to their readers. For economic reasons The Lord of the Rings was published in three volumes over the course of a year from 29 July 1954 to 20 October 1955.

How long is 'The Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring'?

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is about 178 mins. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is about 179 mins. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is about 201 mins.

How long did it take to make the rings?

It is not specified in either The Lord of the Rings or The Silmarillion how long it took to forge the 20 Rings of Power.

How long exactly is the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy?

The lord of the rings trilogy is exactly 11 hours and 22 minutes.

Is Lord of the Rings from the medieval period?

No, the Middle-earth stories do not take place in any known historical period. Tolkien once described it as a fictional mythical past, but again long before any known period.

Did Tolkien use the theme of greed in his writing?

Absolutely! Just look at The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The Ring brings greed upon people; they yearn for it and long for it, and are willing to do literally anything to get their hands on it. Tolkien shows us how horrible greed can be, and how it can brutally twist people, sometimes out of their minds (just look at Gollum!).

Why did Tolkien put so much effort into making up the history of the Lord of the Rings universe?

He wanted to have a well-crafted universe where the history was long and full of ancestry giving credibility to the characters and their motives both past and present .

How long did it take J.R.R Tolkien to write The Hobbit 2012?

I didn't know Tolkien was a timelord. o.O It was written in the 1930's -.- Fran Walsh wrote the movie

How long is Lord of the Rings the two towers extended edition?

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Platinum Series Special Extended Edition) is 223 minutes .

Did Eomer die in the book The Lord of the Rings?

No, Éomer does not die during the narrative of The Lord of the Rings. In the Appendices we are told he lived a (for his people) long life, dying in his nineties.

What are Legolas' weapons in The Lord of the Rings?

Tolkien: Legolas carries a bow and arrows, and a long knife. In Lothlórien he is gifted a new bow.Peter Jackson: In this adaptation he carries two knives instead of one. In Rohan he also makes use of a sword supplied to him.

How long is the Lord of the Rings movie?

The three Lord of the Rings movies (The Fellowship, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King) by New Line Cimena, directed by Peter Jackson, are on average about three hours each.

How long did Tolkien teach?

Tolkien taught for nearly forty years (1920-1959).

How long did it take to film 'Lord of the Rings'?

Priciple photography: 14-16 months

What is JRR Tolkien's income?

JRR Tolkien died in 1973. His estate has been receiving all of the royalties from the books sales. The movie rights were sold long ago. Only film rights to the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings were sold. The estate recently settled a lawsuit regarding unpaid royalties which were part of the conditions of sale. Many of the royalties are paid to the Tolkien Trust which is a registered charity in the UK. The Tolkien Trust supports many educational and humanitarian charites worldwide. Their accounts are published on the UK Charities' comission website.

How long is the Lord of the Rings?

Each movie is about 2 hours long. Each book is from 400-600 pages. Glad to help :)

How long is the third Lord of the Rings movie?

about four hours give or take. depends if its the exstended version

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