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From 3 to 6 months. A mold had to be taken of the feet of the person who ordered the shoes, the leather cut, and then sewn. Cobblers didn't premake shoes and often they were itinerant so they moved from place to place on a route. Today there are skilled crafts people who do make shoes the way they were made a 1000 years ago. Even today to get a pair of boots takes about 6-8 weeks from one of the modern cobblers.

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Q: How long did it take for cobblers to make shoes in the middle ages?
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Was blacksmithing invented in the Middle Ages?

Blacksmithing was invented long before the Middle Ages. What originated in the Middle Ages was the farrier, who is a blacksmith, but who also is specifically concerned with horse shoes and tending horses' hooves. The horse shoe was introduced or invented in Europe during the Middle Ages.

What was the duties of a shoemaker during the middle ages?

There were two kinds of shoe makers who made leather footwear in the Middle Ages. One was the cobbler, and the other was the cordwainer. A cordwainer was a person who worked with soft leather, called cordovan. He or she made fine shoes for wealthy people. The cordwainer also made gloves, and other fine leather items. Cordwainers were usually in guilds, and had to be apprenticed for a long time before becoming masters. They worked in shops in towns and cities, and their shops were permanent business locations. Cobblers were people who worked with stiff leather. They made shoes that were designed to be durable and were suitable for laborers, but they were better known as people who repaired shoes. A typical manor did not have enough work for cobblers to keep employed, so cobblers tended to be itinerant, travelling from one village to another, setting up to make or repair whatever was needed. In addition to shoes they made such leather goods as harnesses, and whatever else was needed. There were also people who made clogs and sandals. A sandal maker was called a sandler. Aside from that, I have no information on these people. There are links below.

What did a Middle Ages bailiff wear?

Bailiffs in the middle ages most commonly served the lord of a manor. A bailiff in the middle Ages needed to look presentable as well as be prepared for their duties. Common attire was a long sleeve shirt that fell to mid thigh, pants that were similar to tights, practical shoes, and a pouch to carry the many keys they would need throughout the day.

What did queens wear in the Middle Ages?

In the middle ages, queens wore long dresses, sometimes fur and a crown.

How long did India's middle ages last for?

The same amount of time as the rest of the world's middle ages - about 900 years.

How long was the range that people lived in the middle ages?

In the middle ages, the average range that people would live to was about 30-40.

Why did the middle ages last so long?

The middle ages lasted a long time because of an unwillingness to change and the greed of kings. Constant wars and territorial disputes arrested progress.

What training did a middle age shoemaker receive?

The medieval shoemakers came in two types. One was the cobbler, who repaired shoes and made sturdy shoes for peasants, the other was the cordwainer, who made luxury shoes. Cobblers probably learned their trade from parents or other relatives. They were likely to be itinerant, and moved about the countryside finding work. Cordwainers learned their trade by apprenticeship, and became guild members by working through long years of training.

Were the English long bows used in the middle ages or medieval times?

Middle ages and medieval are the same, just different terms for the same time frame. Yes, the long bow was used.

How many centuries long were the middle ages?

About ten

What did it mean if you had a long belt in the middle ages?

You were overweight.

How long ago was the Middle Ages?

The Middle Ages started about 1500 or 1550 years ago and ended 500 or 550 years ago. They lasted about 1000 years.

Why did the Middle Ages accept vampires?

Very few people of the Middle Ages believed in vampires, and when they did, it was because of the continuation in local folklore of ancient beliefs. The widespread interest in vampires appeared in Europe only long after the Middle Ages ended.

How were people governed during the Roman Empire and during the Middle Ages?

the Roman Empire and the Middle ages were run by priests who wore long black capes.

How were weapons used in the Middle Ages?

weapons were used in the middle ages for war and sometimes hunting. the most popular weapons wer the crossbow and the long swords.

How did they communicate from long distances in the middle ages?

Long distance communications of the Middle Ages were done by messenger, by letter, or for faster messaging over relatively short distances, by heliography, which was messaging by reflecting the sun in a mirror.

How long did the Early Middle Ages last?

1,000 years

How long could trading take at a Middle Ages fair?

As long as the fair lasted.

What type of jewelry was worn in the medieval times of America?

Hate to tell you this, but for America, the Middle Ages did not exist, but the time it was discovered and colonized the Middle Ages were long past.

How many people sailed around the world in the middle ages and what are their names?

The first crew to sail around the world was the crew of Ferdinand Magellan, long after the Middle Ages.

Which comes first the Victorians or the middle ages?

The Middle Ages came long before the Victorian Age. The middle ages are usually regarded as being from about 476 to 1453, and though other dates might be used, this is the general time. The Victorian Age was from about 1837 to 1901.

What did Nobles in the Middle Ages wear?

Wealthy people wore long robes with long flowing sleeves. They wore shoes with very long, pointed ends. They also used expensive fabrics such as, brightly color silks and velvets trimmed with jewels and fur, also told the importance of the person wearing them.

What was the enlightnment?

the enlightnment was during the middle ages and achievement and it was long ago

How long was the life span in the middle ages?

around forty to fifty

How many years did the middle ages last?

It was a 1,000 years long.