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The first component ( Zarya Control Module) was launched on 20th November 1998. The station is still being constructed and is approximately 70 percent completed.

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How long did itn take to build the international space station?

Construction of the iss started in 1998 and it was finished in 2011, so calculate that, ummm so it took 13 years to build the international space station!! HOpe I helped:)

How is the international space station used?

The international space station is somewhere in space, and hence the name International Space Station it is there for the whole world to use, engineer's, and scientists stay out there for long term research projects that can't be conducted on Earth.

How many expeditions have been made to the International Space Station?

The International Space Station is currently in its 19th long duration expedition. Each is about six months long.

How long did it take to build the space station?

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How long was the International Space Station meant to last?

as long as they could make it last.

How long has the International Space Station been orbiting the earth?

The first part of the International Space Station (Zarya) has been in orbit since November 1998. The station has been progressively added to since then.

How long has the International Space Station been in space?

Since '98. It's not finished yet.

How long space shuttle takes to back earth from international space station?

5 mins

How long does it take for the International Space Station to go round the Earth once?

it takes at least 24 hours for the international space station to go around the world once

How long has international space station been in orbit?

The International Space Station (ISS), launched in 1998, has been orbiting Earth for approximately 12 years.

How can you tell the difference between a satillite and the International Space Station?

A satelite orbit the Earth.An international space station is a space-based construction for staying scientists in long time periods to observe cosmos.

How long is the International Space Station supposed to last?

4 to 9 years

What is a large artificial satellite in which people can live for long periods?

That'd be a Space Station. Skylab, the International Space station(ISS) and MIR, are examples of Space Stations.

How long does it take for the International Space Station to orbit Earth?

==Orbital period== The International Space Station completes 15.79 orbits per day, or about one orbit every 90 minutes.

How International Space Station used in observing the earth?

the international space stations is somewhere in space and hence the name international space stations it is there for the whole world to use engineers and scientists stay out there for long term

How long does it take the space shuttle to reach space stations?

It takes the Shuttle about 2 days to reach the International Space Station.

About long is a international space stacion?

The length of the International Space Station is 357 feet from end to end. It measures close to being as long as a football field inducing the end zones.

How long is the international space station?

The ISS is 357 feet long, and compare that to a football field which is 360 feet long.

What is the biggest man made object in space?

The International Space Station ... 51m wide, 109m long, 20m high.

What is the current space program of the US?

The International Space Station (ISS) will be a permanent laboratory designed for long-term research projects.

How long does it take to circle the earth in a spaceship?

The space shuttle and International Space Station take 90 minutes to orbit the earth.

How long are people on the ISS for?

Generally an astronaut or cosmonaut living aboard the International Space Station on a long duration space flight will stay for about 6 months.

How long does it take for the International Space Station to orbit the earth?

completing 15.7 orbits per day.

How long do astronauts stay in space station?

The average stay for an astronaut on a space station is six months.

Is a space station as big as one football field?

The International Space Station measures 51m long, 109m wide, and 20m deep, and has an enclosed volume of just over 900 cubic metres.

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