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Q: How long did it take to create the Morse code?
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How did Samuel Morse take to invent the telegraph?

Samuel Morse invented the telegraph and also the Morse code.

Why don't they take the capital lettering off Morse and start using the word for what it's worthy of?

Morse is usually given a capital because it is a person's name. Samuel Morse invented the code.

What does it take to be a true Haven Northstar?

Flouresence, Inability to decyphr Morse code, sorrow, "she luvs him", 100% Juicy, and Broken Desires.

How did Morse code change america?

It allowed messages to be sent across the country or around the world very quickly - within a few hours. Previously messages had to be physically transported so UK to Australia could take 6 weeks or more.

How long did it take Morse to perfect the telegraph?

In 1838 Samuel Morse perfected Joseph Henry's invention of the electromagnet. It was not until 1843 that the government funded a telegraph graph line from Washington to Baltimore.

How long does it take to create a game?


How long did it take to create the mars rover?


Who invented Morse code and why did they think it was needed?

Samuel F B Morse invented the Morse code for the most part. It was more of a personal endeavor inspired by the death of his wife which occurred while he was away from home. He hadn't been informed of the event until weeks later. He then realized that there had to be a faster way to communicate messages of urgency that would take minutes and seconds opposed to weeks and months.

How do you translate the Morse code in shrink ray island?

When you have recovered the message from the kitchen table, the diary page from the kitchen trash, and the diary key from the aquarium, you can get messages from C.J. by using the telescope. She is at the school (telescope coordinates x-87 y-16) and the Morse code book is in her bed. You cannot do anything until you have her secret message and the Morse Code book from her bed. But the two messages say "flush the thumb drive" and "thief is mr silva."

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What is the difference between telegraph and telephone?

The difference is it take wire less reciver

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the cryptography?

The advantages of Cryptography are:--It hides the message and your privacy is safe.-No one would be able to know what it says unless there's a key to the code.-You can write what ever you want and how ever you want (any theme any symbol for the code) to keep your code a secret.-You are able to use Cryptography during lessons without the teacher knowing. (BUT WILL TAKE LONG TO MAKE THE CODE, TO FIGURE IT OUT AND TO MAKE THE KEY)The disadvantages of Cryptography are:--Takes a long time to figure out the code.-It takes long to create the code.-If you were to send a code to another person in the past, it will take long to get to that person.-OVERALL CRYPTOGRAPHY IT'S A LONG PROCESS.