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it lasted for 100 years

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How long has darfur genocide been going on?

It all started as a major armed conflict in the Darfur, the South Sudan region with a potential of having petroleum and natural gas. It began in February 2003 and still continues, eventhough presence of UN force

How long was the darfur genocide?

It is debatable when exactly the tragic genocide ended, but in fact begun in 2003 and roughly ended in the later months of 2007. - Andrew Lawrence

How long did the tutsi vs hutu genocide last?

The Hutu and Tutsi genocide lasted 6 month's.

How long do genocides usually last?

Genocides typically last until (1) a foreign army intervenes and shuts down the genocide (such as in the Jewish Holocaust, Rwandan Genocide, or Cambodian Genocide), or (2) the genocide is generally deemed to be complete or successful (such as in the Armenian genocide, genocide against the Wampanoag). There is no set time frame in either case.

How long did the rwandan genocide last for?

The rwandan genocide lasted 100 days and nights and Rwandan was a civil war genocide between the hutu and tutus or somthing like that

How long did the Armenian massacre last?

The Armenian Genocide lasted 10 years.

How long is it been since the genocide in Palestine began?

There was no genocide in Palestine. This is hyperbole. The actual Israeli-Palestinian Conflict has been going on since the 1920s or late 1940s depending on how you define the groups. To read more about why Palestine is not a genocide or how the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict began, please see the Related Questions below.

How long did the Armenian genocide last?

The Armenian genocide lasted for 2 years from 1915 to 1917. Of the 2 million Armenians there were in the Ottoman Empire about 1.5 million died during the genocide.

How Long did the Genocide Last?

There have been many genocides, so you have to specify which genocide you are referring to. If you are reffering to burma, or any other one you need to look it up on google

Why did the Rwandan Genocide last so long?

Because the rwandans and the tutsis and hutus killed each other.

Why did the genocide of Darfur begin?

During February 2003, the non-Arab ethnic groups of Darfur launched an uprising against the Kartoum government. The government responded by implementing their campaign of genocide, enlisting the help of Arab militia in Darfur called the Janjaweed ( the armed militia supported by the Sudanese Government to carry out the genocide, alongside and independent of, the Sudanese Army). The Janjaweed will enter a village on horse or camel back. They then set about causing as much mayhem and terror as possible: destroying houses and buildings, shooting the men, gang raping the women and children and shooting any who try to escape. The village is generally destroyed, families dispersed and separated, most killed. Those who manage to escape then attempt the long journey to an IDP (Internally displaced persons) camp. And Darfur is region rich for its cattle raising and vast amount of oil. So Sudanese, the Arabic speaking government never wanted to lose this reach territory.

How has the long period of armed conflict in darfur affected the national economy of Sudan?

the country is still dangerous some thing like that apex *Foreign investment is low because the country is still dangerous*

How long did it take to kill the tutsis in the Rwandan genocide?

The genocide lasted for approximately 100 days.

How long did the Bangladesh genocide last?

The Bangladesh Genocide occurred for roughly 8.5 months in the year 1971. It was perpetrated by Pakistani leaders and their allies on Bengalis, resulting in 3,000,000 Bengali deaths and 300,000 Bengali women being raped.

How long did the Jewish genocide last?

June 1941 to May 1945. However, it began somewhat later and ended somewhat earlier in some places.

How long did the Arab-Israeli conflict last?

We don't know yet, as it is still a work in progress.

What did South Africa have to do with the tutsis and hutus?

South Africa had little to do with the Rwandan conflict. Rwanda is a long way from South Africa and the internal civil war and genocide that happened there was not influenced by South Africa. South Africa did play a role in ending the conflict as a member of the African Union.

How long has genocide existed?

For thousands and thousands of years.

Why did the Armenian genocide last as long as it did?

Answer 1Because people didn't have the couarage to stand up for themselves and take over they were to scared to do anything about it.Answer 2Relatively speaking, the Armenian genocide was rather quick (only 2.5 years). Compare this to the Holocaust which was between 4-7 years, depending on how you count it, the Cambodian Genocide, which was also around 4 years, the Circassian Genocide, which occurred over decades, etc. It was part of World War I and existed for as long as the Ottoman leaders believed that it was worthwhile to remove the Armenians.

How long was the Rwanda genocide?

the genocide was 100 days long and if you watch hotel rwanda it wil explain a lot more btw its very sad and horrible!! bye x

How long has Rwanda's government been in power?

since the 1994 genocide the genocide was associated with a war that put the current government in power

What led to the Rwanda genocide?

Long-standing ethnic tensions

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