Located in western Sudan, Darfur consists of three federal states: South Dafur, North Dafur, and West Dafur. The economy of this 190,418 sq mi region is heavily dependent on agriculture with Nyala, Geneina and Al Fashir as its main towns.

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Who lives in darfur?

Mainly muslims. There are many tribes aswell
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Why is there a famine in darfur?

The People of Darfur have been running up and down trying to escape the civil war that was/is being fought between the Darfur rebel groups and the Government of Sudan,under the presidency of Omar Hassan Al-Bashir. In 2003,some rebel groups In Darfur rebeld against the Government of Sudan,complaining of being neglected by the Central Government,and also struggling for power . As the rebel leaders struggle to fight Omar Hassan Al-Bashir's Government for being negleted,Al-Bashir because of fear of threat from the Darfur rebels,in...
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How did the Darfur conflict start?

Starting Point of the Darfur Conflict Well it all started when Omar al-Bashir came into Darfur and tried to take control of the president.Omar was a dictatorship.So of course the pepke in Darfur didnt like it so they took control in there hands and attacked back.Well Omar said im going to bring in my rebelings to attack.So it was a war going on.Once he got total control everything shated going down hill for peolple in Darfur. Note: This is a very expansive question with...
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Where is darfur located in Sudan?

Northwest, next to Chad
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Causes of the Darfur Genocide?

genocide The systematic killing of substantial numbers of people on the basis of ethnicity, religion, political opinion, social status, or other particularity. Acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group. - The Islamic controlled government, located in East and North Sudan, started the genocide as an ethnic cleansing of the Darfur region in West Sudan. They "hire" militia groups known as the Janjaweed to attack villages, rape, kill and loot. I have hire in quotations...
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Where is darfur?

Darfur is a region in Western Sudan (formerly an independent sultanate) approximately the size of France. The population in Darfur is 8.5 million people of which 2.5 million people had to relocate due to civil war in the region. ...
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Are there UNAMID vacancies in Darfur?

Unamid vacanceies in Nyala yes
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Why did the Darfur genocide start?

The Islamic controlled government, located in East Sudan, started the Genocide as an ethnic cleansing of the Darfur region in West Sudan. They "hire" militia groups known as the Janjaweed to attack villages, rape, kill and loot. I have hire in quotations because the government is not paying them, their reward is what they are able to steal. The Darfurians are now being forced out of their lands and into neighboring Chad. So far, no government has intervened in a meaningful way....
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What are the people of Sudan called?

The people of Sudan are called Sudanese
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What is Khartoum famous for?

Confluence of the White and Blue Niles The Battle of Omduruman The place where the British General Gordon was killed Residence and burial place of the Mahdi ...
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What is happening in Darfur Sudan?

There is a genocide, an enthnic cleansing if you will, still occurring in Darfur. Sparked from decades of famine, drought, and oppression it only gets worse as time goes on. With the rise of militia groups, the Sudanese government, in 2003, sent their own, well armed, well funded militia group to reek havoc in the area of Darfur. The Sudanese governments military is mainly funded by oil revenues, the countries major money maker. Over 70% of oil profits go to the military. This...
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Why is slavery still happening today?

Because there is a great deal of money to be made in human trafficking and some people have no morals or sense of humanity. ...
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What religion are most people in Darfur?

Approximately seventy five per cent Muslim and twenty five per cent Christian and local religions. ...
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How is Italy helping darfur?

Italy has contributed a lot of money to Sudan and Darfur, and also voted for the UN security council resolution 1769, allowing hybrid UN/African Union peacekeepers to enter sudan. The problem now is the Sudanese government is preventing these peacekeepers from entering Darfur, but they are working on it ...
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What were the survival tactics used in Darfur genocide?

They used cooperation rather than conflict, they also jumped the border into Chad to escape. ...
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What is the capital of darfur?

the capital of darfur is the Sudan.
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What are the people who are in the Paralympics called?

Athletes, or Paralympians, in the same way that athletes in the Olympics are called Olympians. ...
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How did the United Nations' response to genocide in Rwanda compare to its response to mass killings in Darfur?

Although the UN took a more active role in recognizing the atrocities in Darfur, it had little impact in either case. ...
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What Unamid job vacancies are there in Nyala?

Try the 'Situation Vacant' columns of the newspaper or employment agencies. ...
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What are some differences and similarities between rwanda's genocide and Darfur Sudan's genocide?

The similarities between the Rwandan genocide and Darfur are that rebel's attack government and the government's reply is to purposely kill not only the rebels but the civilians. The World hasn't and didn't do anything really to stop it. Hundreds of thousands of people have been killed, and many more removed from their homes. Both acts were some what supported by the government. ...
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What countries are helping darfur?

Chad, Libya, China, United States, and Israel.
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The people of darfur are called?

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What has happened during the Darfur war?

Countless numbers of rapes, over an estimated 400,000 deaths, they also tourcher victiums that they find. wemon are sometimes killed just for trying to get water for their families to drink. Hope this helps!!! :) ...
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Why has the situation in darfur deteriorated?

because people from other wealthy countries came to help them with sickness and starvation ...