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How long do Betta fish live without food?

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A betta fish can survive up to two weeks without food
A betta fish can survive up to two weeks without food

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How long can a pet Betta fish live without food?

3 weeks because that is how anything can live with out food

What to feed a betta fish when theres no fish food?

A betta can live without food for several days when it has to, if you suddenly run out of food and need to go to the store. But don't try giving them people food.

How long can betta fish live without food?

A betta fish can live 5 days with out food.Most fish can go long periods of time without food. But dont make it a practice. It's cruel to leave a fish unfed for long periods of time!A betta should do fine for 3-4 days without food, but make sure it is fed as regularly as possible to enhance betta's health, immune system (nothing will live long if it's sick and starving now will it?) and life-span.

How do you betta fish live?

Sorry, type in: how do betta fish live?

Can betta fish eat tuna I have no fish food?

You will end up killing your Betta if you don't feed it properly. Canned fish for humans is no good for Bettas. The Betta will not eat it and it will poison the water.. Bettas are insectivorous fish and will eat Mosquito Larvae, Brine Shrimp etc. A Betta can live for some considerable time without food, so if you can't get to a pet shop and buy some Betta food, you can always order Betta food online and should get it within a week or so.

Can a betta fish eat crackers?

YES! They can eat crackers! My Betta fish loves crackers but his favorite foods are tilapia and scrambled eggs.Crackers are not good to feed beta fish. A beta fish can live for a couple of weeks without food.

Can betta fish eat seaweed?

no they eat freeze dried blood worms,live food,or Betta food bought from a store.

Can a betta fish live with only one fin?

Yes, a betta fish can live with only one fin. It only needs access to clean water, oxygen and food to live.

Can betta fish and goldfish live together?

Betta fish primarily cant live wioth other fish because the betta fish will kill the other fish. The only fish that a betta fish can live with is a non-colorful fish like tetras. Contact your petstore before you put another fish in with your betta fish.

How long an a fish live without food?

fish will live 3 days without food.

What kind of fish can live without oxygen?

No fish i think that can live without oxygen. but maybe in low-oxygen, possibly there is. like the betta, fighting fish etc...

What should you try if your Betta is picky about his food?

A Betta does not require a lot of food, they can go for a long time without food if you have live plants in the tank with the fish or if you are feeding it betta food they are both fine. In a way you have uncovered a secret a betta is a easy fish to take care of because you do not have to feed it every day once a week is plenty. I would not do anything except give the fish so hiding places floating plants, a betta prefers shallow water and warm water.

Can a betta fish live without a water heater?

yes in fact if your home is at 76 to 84 degrees or a little bit lower betta fish can survive without a water heater.

Are betta fish able to live with other fish?

Betta fish are unable to live with other fish due to their aggressive nature, as they may injure the other fish. Female betta fish are able to live with other fish, however.

Can a betta fish live with a betta fish?

Betta fish are typically best as a solitary fish due to the fact that they will show aggression to another betta in the same tank

What fish do not need filters to live?

fish who don't need filtersGuppies don't need a filter.Betta fish can live without a filter.

What live food can you feed your betta fish?

Live brine shrimp and blood worms are good. They can also substitute for the usual food you give your fish. They love live food but, DO NOT EXEED THE AMOUNT THAT YOUR FISH CAN EAT IN FIVE MINUTES.

You forgot to feed your betta fish and now he is very lethargic?

Feed him? if he refuses to eat them he's sick, but they can live for seeral days without food.

Do snails need a filter?

can snails live with male betta fish without a filter

Can Betta Fish live with comet goldfish?

Betta are best as solitary fish, but in addition, a goldfish and a betta's needs are different including type of food, and the temperature of their water.

Do the betta fish hunt for food?

In the wild, yes, betta fish are carnivorous and are thus required to hunt for food. If you put a live bloodworm into a betta's tank, you can see from the body language of the fish that it is "eyeballing" or even stalking the worm.

How long can betta fish live?

betta fish can live for 3 to 2 years or even more if healthy.

Can betta fish aquariums have lights?

if you mean betta fish, they can live in an aguarium with a light.

Do betta fish live in Connecticut?

sure!i bet lots of peeps there have betta fish!

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