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There are five types of anxiety disorders. Generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, panic disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, and social anxiety ( agoraphobia ). So it's hard to answer considering I ( we ) don't know what anxiety disorder were talking about. Some last forever if not treated with medication. ( generalized anxiety disorder ) Panic disorder can last a couple minutes to an hour or more. I'd recommend if your having anxiety symptoms that last over 4 weeks to see a professional or talk to someone.

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How long do withdrawal symptoms from Lexapor last and does anxiety return right away?

I was on Lexapro for 6 months experienced withdrawl symptoms for 2 months after and 6 months later began having anxiety attacks again. I even tapered off the drug for a month but still suffered withdrawl.

How do you stop anxiety symptoms?

You can stop anxiety symptoms by going to see your doctor and being prescribed medication. If taken regularly, the anxiety symptoms should slowly start disappearing.

How long so symptoms of anxiety attacks last?

Persistent anxiety attacks can occur your entire life. If you mean how long can the effects of one 'attack' last, usually your body will relax after 20 minutes or so when the adrenaline fades. For general anxiety though, it can last all day. [Ryan A.] I have them all the time sadly. Thanks for the Q and A it was really helpful. It's scary at first when you don't know whats happening but then you get used to it.

How long will temazepam Withdrawal symptoms last?

Howe long will they last

What are the symptoms of anxiety attacks?

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What are some of the symptoms of anxiety attacks?

Some symptoms of anxiety attacks are: heart palpitations, sweats in your hands, and fainting.

What are common symptoms of social anxiety?

There are a few symptoms of social anxiety. You can get sweaty hands, dizziness and short of breathe.

Can anxiety attack lead to asthma?

Yes, anxiety can be linked to asthma because of their symptoms. They can be very alike. If you have asthma, and you have symptoms of anxiety as well, then you probably have both.

How long do buspar withdrawal symptoms last?

yes how long does withdrawl last from buspar

How are panic attacks and anxiety related?

Many people with anxiety have panic attacks. Although anxiety is a long-term condition, with thoughts of panic, nervousness, and several physical symptoms, panic attacks tend to be short term with more severe symptoms, such as dizzyness, sweating, shaking, and others.

Where are the physical symptoms of anxiety?

Catching the first signs of anxiety can help you to avoid a panic attack. Two physical symptoms of anxiety are muscle tension and even possible numbness.

What are the symptoms of social anxiety?

The symptoms of Social anxiety can include depression, fear (Such as when you're in a crowd of people/ theres a crowd of people), anxiety, palpitations, social isolation, sweating, etc.

How long can stress and anxiety symptoms last?

Stress and anxiety can last a few days; weeks or years if the individual cannot seem to resolve the issues in their life such a bad relationship; divorce; loss of a loved one; work problems or financial problem that is causing them to feel this way or, if they have had a trauma such as an abusive relationship; victim in a crime or rape.

What online resources can you suggest to learn about symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks? is a great place. It has helped me a lot with my anxiety. does have self surveys also to help determine if your symptoms are anxiety or not.

How long do the symptoms of HIV last?

until you die.

How long do the symptoms of gonorrhea last?

many months

How long can symptoms of a concussion last?

100,000 years

How long can Encephalitis last?

Encephalitis symptoms may last several weeks

How long do the symptoms last when you have arthritis?

they last about 5-10 mins at a time

How long do trichinosis symptoms last?

The symptoms of trichinosis are at their most severe at about three weeks after infection, and decrease very slowly in their severity. Recovery is extremely gradual, and symptoms may last for as long as three months.

Does anxiety always come with physical symptoms?


How long do pregnancy symptoms last?

It depends. Could last your first trimester or all the way through. What kind of symptoms are you having?

What is cognative anxiety?

An anxiety attack can be defined as a discrete period of intense fear or discomfort that is accompanied by four physical symptoms. There are a total of thirteen symptoms.

What are the symptoms of anxiety in children?

Symptoms of anxiety in children are tantrums, crying, nervous behaviour, avoidance, misbehaving, difficulty in concentrating and not sleeping very well.

How do doctors treat anxiety?

Medications are often prescribed to relieve the physical and psychological symptoms of anxiety.

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