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How big can a stick insect grow to?

A stick insect can grow up to 15cm (varies where you live) long and the newborn babies are 3cm long

How long does infancy last?

Infancy usually lasts from newborn to about the time when the infant can walk

How long does diaper rash on babies last?

5 years

Is it normal for a ten year old girl be 5 inches tall?

No. Most newborn babies are already over 12 inches long.

Can you hold a newborn rabbit?

You can if the Mother Rabbit is yours and it knows you and will let you touch her babies. You'll want the smell of the Mother Rabbit on your hands and then touch the babies and then put them back. Some moms will not want you to have their babies to long; and some mothers will get mean.

How long is the length of a newborn baby?

A newborn baby is usually about 24 inches long, or two feet

How long do you have to wait to hold guinea pig babies?

These little guys can be held for short periods as soon as they dry from birth. This is advised because the sooner they are held the sooner they are tamed for handling and training. Be careful not to drop them, they are newborn babies.

How long are newborn babies?

On average, twenty to twenty two inches but my little brother was only 18, but now he is 4 and a half and is three foot six so...

How long does it take for a newborn baby to grow hair?

Babies grow hair a different rates. Some newborns are born with hair.

How long does a newborn baby need to stay with its mother?

It is crucial that babies are with their mother as soon as possible after birth. Babies can smell their mother and the warmth of the mother is very comforting to babies and it's also called bonding. They need their mother until are old enough to take care of themselves.

How long does a newborn baby sleep?

The average newborn babies sleeps about 18 hours a day; 258 per. month' 6570 per. year. 1-3 months old babies: They tend to sleep more than 18 hours over the course of 24 hours! 4 months old baby, 14-16 hours in a day.

How long do sea monkeys stay babies?

As long as they stay babies is how long they stay babies.

Could a newborn baby get facial acne?

A newborn baby can have facial acne. It is not particularly common and should not be confused with milia, tiny white spots that many new born babies have. It is thought that facial acne in babies could be caused by hormones transferred from the mother but this has not been proven. Acne in babies usually clears up by itself but medical advice should be sort if the condition is long lasting or appears infected.

How long does it take for newborn baby dwarf hamsters to get fur?

I'm not sure for dwarf hamsters, but my syrian hamster had babies and they had some fur growing when they were four days old.

How long are newborn Tasmanian Devils?

Newborn Tasmanian devils are less than 2cm in length.

How long do newborn calfs sleep?

As long as they need or want to.

How long should you work on reviving newborn pup?

not long

How long does a female carry puppies?

As long as an elephant. An elephant carries the babies as long as a Pheonix. A Phoenix carries the babies as long as a dragon. A dragon carries the babies as long as a sea surpent. A sea surpent carries the babies as long as a girraffe. A giraffe carries the babies as long as a flugenflagen.

How long does it take for blue bird eggs to hatch?

13-14 days after the last egg is laid

How long is the average newborn?

20 inches

What is the size of a newborn Alaskan bear?

9.3 in long

How small are newborn guppies?

Usually 6mm long

How long do newborn puppies breastfeed?

3 weeks

How long do newborn puppies eat for?

about two weeks

How long is a baby a newborn?

First two weeks