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Q: How long do bats sleep during hibernation?
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What is the long sleep of certain animals during winter called?


How long are raccoon dogs in hibernation?

Raccoons do not hibernate. during severe winter weather they will stay in their dens and sleep until the conditions improve. However, it is not a true hibernation.

What do you call the long winter sleep taken by some animals?

Some animals sleep through the winter -- those animals are called hibernators. The long sleep through the winter is called hibernation.

Some animals sleep throughout the long and severe cold seasons what is this sleep known?


What does hibern mean?

Hibernation occurs only in cold blooded animals. In this process , take an example of beer, beer in the winter season goes into a long sleep.This long sleep is known as hibernation

What is hidernation?

Hibernation is the long sleep animals have over the cold winter months.

What term is used when ints go into a long deep sleep for winter?


Animals that go for long summer sleep?

some animals that can survive the winter and not the summer go for long summer sleep.

What is the difference between hibernation and aestivation?

Hibernation is when an animal which sleeps during the winter to the fact that there is no food. Aestivation is also when animals or plant sleep for a short time period. Migration is the movement of animals from one place to another, because of lack of food or the seasons.

What is hibernation how does hibernation help an animal meet its needs?

Hibernation is an adaptation that allows animals to survive cold temperatures when food is scarce. Hibernating animals slow their metabolism so that they use less energy, which enables them to live off fat storage until the air is warmer.

What is a sentence using the word hibernation?

In the winter bears go through hibernation. The bear was hungry and ill-tempered after it's long hibernation.

What do you understand by the term hibernation?

The bear went into hibernation, then woke in spring.Most frogs and small mammals go into hibernation due to lack of food, or because they are unable to sustain their body heat