How long do female wolves wait before having puppies?

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Q: How long do female wolves wait before having puppies?
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Do wolves live in dens?

A female wolf will den when she has puppies

What do white wolves do?

Arctic wolves live in a pack, like other wolves. The alpha female has the puppies and the other wolves will feed the mother and the older pups. These wolves live in the Arctic Circle.

How many puppies can a wolf have in a year?

Wolves can only have puppies once a year in the spring. They usually have around 8 puppies, but over half will die before reaching adulthood. True high content wolfdogs only have puppies once a year in spring, just like pure wolves, as well.

What do you call baby wolves?

Pups, or puppies. I have heard them called cubs before, but i believe pups is the official word.

Do wolves carry their food?

yes,wolves do carry there food to the little puppies

How do male and female wolves have pups?

Male and female wolves mate, like humans, but differingly. Go on Google before you make a fool out of yourself and look it up.

How does reproduction occur in wolves?

Wolves are mammals who reproduce by having a female wolf mate with a male wolf. The sperm from the male wolf fertilizes an egg inside the female wolf. The female can have a litter of up to 6 pups.

How do wolves make puppies?

the same way a dog would make puppies (mating)

Do female wolves howl?

All wolves howl, female or male. Howling is a way of communication between wolves in the pack.

What are female baby wolves called?

Both male and female wolf offspring are called pups or puppies. It is a common misconception that they are called "cubs" but the correct term is pup. Cub is used for bears or big cats.

What ae the young of wolves called?

Those would be puppies.

Do female wolves weigh more or do male wolves?

No, they do not.

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