How long do i have to keep my pregnant fish and the male separate?


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Until the baby is big enough not to be injured by the male

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A fish should be pregnant maybe for one week.

it depends on what kind of fish

Fish that have long, wavy fins should not be put with guppies, because guppies will nibble their long fins. Also, many bigger fish will eat guppies. Keep a separate tank with guppies and a few "cleaner" fish, which do not harm guppies.

if by "neon fish" you mean neon tetra, they dont get pregnant they lay eggs.

This will depend on the type of fish. For many livebearing fish such as Guppies, the gestation is about 28 daysThe gestation period of a fish that is pregnant will vary depending on the species.

guppies stay pregnant for about a month before giving birth, other fish take longer, and others lay eggs (don't get pregnant). depends on the fish

Betta's are egg layers; they don't get pregnant.

As long as the fish is cooked and does not have a high mercury content, then fish is okay to eat while pregnant. Avoid: sushi, shark, macheral, tile fish, etc.

Goldfish do not have a gestation period as they are egg laying fish and do not get pregnant

Never. Oscars are egg layers so they can not be pregnant.

A mickey mouse fish is prego for 4 wekks exactly.

Parrot fish are a man made cichlid. They did not evolve in nature but were made in a laboratory. They lay eggs so they can not get pregnant.

This is going to depend on the type of fish; many fish, such as goldfish are egg laying, so they do not get pregnant. Other types of fish, such as Mollies are livebearing and their gestation is typically around 21 to 28 days

Betta fish do not get pregnant Once a female releases her eggs the male fertilises them and places them in a bubble nest that he has made prior to mating

up to as long as 4 months some fish only 3 months and they usually they will died after laying eggs

The cheapest way to keep a goldfish is to keep it in a fish long as the bowl is big enough the fish will be happy there.

you keep it for 15 minutes

Your Oscar can not get pregnant. It is an egg layer. It will not be adult or mature until it is around 6 inches long.

If you plan to eat them, then in the fridge or freezer depending on how long it will be before you eat them. But if you caght it and want to keep it alive, then keep it in a tank of water -- a fish tank!

Fish does not last long in the refrigerator. Depending upon the type of fish and assuming it was fresh when frozen, thawed fish could keep up to 5 days refrigerated. But it would be best to use the fish as soon as it is thawed. See Related Links. You can also cook fish from frozen.

I would use fish within 1 or 2 days after purchase.

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