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The female Betta does not fight a male, she simply gets bashed until she dies. A male Betta MUST NOT be kept with any other Bettas male or female.

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Q: How long do male and female bettas fight?
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Will a male and female betta attack together?

Only male Bettas fight and they will only fight with other male Bettas. A male Betta will kill the female if she will not spawn with him. He will also kill her after she has spawned if she is not removed.

Do male bettas fight the female bettas?

Yes, some times if you are not careful when trying to breed bettas, the male will attack the female and he can injure the female. The females are much smaller than the males.

How do you know when male bettas wants to fight with female bettas?

His gills will flare up.

Why don't female bettas fight the male bettas?

Females are extremely calm and docile. They are not as violent as male bettas, and hide at the site of a male (unless they are mating). They are also smaller than males, so they will not fight.

How should you situate a male and female betta fish?

Male and female bettas will not normally fight each other; males will fight other males. The attached link below is a page with great information on the breeding of bettas.

Do bettas fight for weman?

yes bettas do fight for the woman that is y u only puts one male and one female in a tank together. but no more than one male.

Do female and male bettas kill each other?

No. Male Bettas will kill a female if either she will not spawn with him, or if she is left in his tank after he has spawned her. Male Bettas can not be kept with other Bettas, male or female.

How do stop betta fish from fighting?

Always keep betta fish in a separate tank,female bettas and male bettas will fight just like male bettas. Keep a group of 4 to 5 betta then they probably won't fight

What happens if you put a male Betta fish with a female Betta Would they kill or fight with each other?

You can NOT keep female and male bettas together! Male bettas can get very aggressive and will fight to the death. Make sure to separate your bettas.

Can you put two bettas in the same tank?

You can place as many females bettas as you want in your tank. However only 1 male betta in a tank with no other bettas. (Chloe) You can put a male and a female together breed, but if you put a male and a male they will fight, and if you leave them together for to long one will die or both of them will.

Why do male bettas fight?

because it is territory or maybe if they both want to mate the same female they will fight and the winner goes to the female if she allows it

Female betta and a male betta and they keep fhigting?

All bettas will fight each other, male or female. Always keep them separated.

Will female and male bettas fight if you are not trying to breed them?

they will breed anywy and fighting is in the process of them mating.

Do betta fish fight with other breeds of fish?

No. Male Bettas only fight with other male Bettas.

Do bettas kill guppys?

Bettas will eat baby guppys as will most other fish, but in general, male Bettas will only fight with other male Bettas. They do not fight with other species of fish

Do betta fish fight with each other?

yes, male bettas fight each other to defend their territory and fight for a female betta some times a female will fight a male but its usually very rare

Do male bettas get along with female bettas?

No, not at all.

Can other fish live with bettas?

yes they can as long as its not two males together. a male and female is probably not a good idea. they will most likely fight each other. if u want two to breed u have to watch them closely. if a male acts aggresive and the female doesn't respond or act then u should separate them. female bettas can live with other fish most of the time. male bettas are different. there are only a certain type u can put together like tetras and other fish that do not have long fins. if fish have long fins or tails they will mistake it for another male betta. guppies or long finned fish are not recommended.

If a female betta fish sees its reflection will it react like a male?

Not normally. Only male Bettas have the fight other competition response.

What is the difference between male and female bettas?

Male bettas typically have longer flowing fins than a female betta.

How do they hunt on other fish?

Male Bettas will only fight with other male Bettas. They do not fight with any other species at all.

What happens if you put two Bettas in the same tank?

1 male and 1 female will breed, 2 males will fight until 1 is too injured to continue and eventually 1 dies, 2 females, they will still fight. If you have at least 6 female bettas, they won't fight. If you have less than 3, they will fight.

Can you put a boy and girl betta fish in the same bowl?

Not for very long. Male and female bettas fight when in the same tank or bowl. They can be placed together briefly for mating purposes.

Will two female betta's fight if there is already a dominant fish in the tank?

With or without a dominant fish in the tank two female bettas shouldn't fight. It's only the male of the species that fights.

Why do male bettas try to fight their reflection?

They see them the same as other male bettas,as competition,they cannot tell the diffrence between their reflections and other bettas.