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Well it all depends.. A male manatee, if he already has found and coexists with a mate, will sleep much longer than a female. If young and single...he will sleep much less... See the young male manatee stays out late and parties it up..getting messed up and mating with whatever his intoxicated eyes finds desirable...Now the older manatee who is tied down...well he's just tired...he works hard all day tryin to provide for his ungrateful companion.. and when he comes think there is dinner waiting for him like the younger manatee he gets drunk...then slaps around his manatee wife calling her fat and ungrateful..passes out on the living room floor..then starts the awful cycle all over again in the morning...Overall, they sleep as long as they need to stupid.

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22 hours aday

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Q: How long do manatees sleep for?
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Do manatees sleep upside down?

no thay sleep on there belly

How long do manatees spend in the water?

Manatees spend their entire lives in water. They do not leave it.

Are manatees active in the day or at night?

Find a safe place to sleep.

How long is a manatees tail?

it's about 5-8 feet long

Why do manatees have long bodys?

Manatees have long bodies due to preditorial adaptaions. they have evolved to have long bodies to travel faster in the water. also Shamz Hacked the genetic information of the matatees!

How long can manatees get?

manatees can grow over 13 feet in length and weigh up to 3500 pounds. At birth, the calf is around 3-4 feet long.I LOVE MANATEES

How are baby manatees born?

Baby manatees are born live birth from their mother. They have birth under water, and if it takes to long then they can die.

How long do manatees live in captivity?

50-60 years

How long do manatee live?

Manatees have been known to live for up to 60 years.

Do manatee hibernate or sleep?

Manatees sleep at the bottom of the ocean floor for a few hours.

Are manatees 13 feet?

Yes, a manatee can grow to be thirteen feet long.

Are manatees composers?

Manatees are consumers.