How long do people spend in the shower?

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I spend around 30 - 60 min.
Some people around me spend 5 - 15 min.

Normal is probably 10 - 15 min.
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Did the people in the Holocaust have showers?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nThey had showers, but they did not get to take a bath every day.\n. \n Answer \n. \nNo not generally. The only shower some poor souls had was their last shower. The Jews thinking they were getting a refreshing shower were locked into showers and Cyanide was blown ( Full Answer )

How long do you have to wait after eating to shower?

Digestion requires good blood flow and digestion generates heat. If one takes a warm shower, does exercise or goes for a swim, the blood needs to be diverted to the skin surface for cooling purposes. This interferes with digestive process and you can end up having a stomach ache, can faint or even h ( Full Answer )

Why do people sing in the shower?

I think people sing in the shower because, they get bored and start singing, or they are scared to sing in front of other people, so they sing in the shower instead. (or it's just because they like singing).

How long to wait to shower after tanning?

Depends on if you used a lotion or not. Most lotions have DHS in it, which is like a tinted moisturizer. If you used a lotion you should wait 4 hours so the DHS has had time to completely soak into your skin, after the 4 hour wait you can shower. If you didn't use a lotion you can shower whenever yo ( Full Answer )

How long does it take to take a shower?

well the regellor time is 15 min Answers tend to indicate that few have ever attended "Boot Camp" where the protocol is somewhat different. From " Reveille" to marching formation for all hands is an exact 30 minutes. (Shower, shave, make your rack, dress, police your area, police the latrine, ru ( Full Answer )

How do people take a shower in space?

" cylindrical shower stall and close the door. They then get themselves wet and wash up just like you would on Earth. However, due to weightlessness, the water droplets and soap don't flow downwards into a drain, they float about."

Are showers bad for people?

Yes, it is bad because you will lose skin cells. i don't know about you but that's why i never shower.

Why do people get the urge to sing in the shower?

because you're alone. And the shower head may remind some people of a microphone? And hot steam from the shower relaxes your vocal cords making singing sound better. And showers have good acoustics I guess.

What happens to the people that dont shower?

Obviously, if you don't shower you will have a bad hygiene. You will smell bad and feel sticky. You will be affected not only physically but also mentally. Perhaps you might find yourself distracted most of the time. Anyway, it could also cause you to be prone to diseases due to germs and bacterias. ( Full Answer )

How long should it take to shower?

the average shower should only be 10-15 minutes. If you don't believe me i did soooo much research for my science project at school. So if you still dont look it up your self.

How long does the average person shower for? : I shower for about an hour because i have to shampoo, condtion, and scrub my body. i also have to apply facial cleanser. : I shower for a about half an hour doing the same thing but ( Full Answer )

How much do you spend on a bridal shower gift?

It depends on your budget and how close you are with the couple. Typically, shower gifts are in the $25-50 range for most people, but if you are really close or really affluent, $100 isn't unheard of.

How long should a shower take?

A shower takes at least 5 minutes fro boys and for girls it takes 30 minutes or less uh oh i might be a girl cause im usually in the shower for 15-20 minutes.

How long should people spend in the shower?

Showers should be short for a couple of different reasons. First of all, long, hot showers dry out your skin and your hair which can result in brittle hair and flaky skin. Second, although taking long showers can be enjoyable, it wastes water which will cost you money on your utility bill.. i say 6 ( Full Answer )

Why do girls spend ages in the shower?

As compared to most boys, girls do have more hair on their head to wash. Girls often will use a body wash or body scrub, along with shampoo and conditioner, which adds time. Many girls will also shave their legs in the shower. All of this adds onto time.

How long to tile a shower?

\nGenerally a shower 900mmx900mmx2200mm using normal sized and weighted tiles including grouting should take between one to two days depending on the speed of the tiler.

How long can a human take a shower?

You can take one for as long as you want, provided you can stand it and have enough water of the desired temperature and supplies to do so. You won't want to take a very long shower because you'd have a very high water bill. Realistically, a 15 minute shower is usually sufficient.

How long do meteor showers last?

Pretty much forever. Meteor "showers" come from the remnants of old extinct comets, and some older comets that are not yet extinct. Dust and pebbles that boiled away from the comet during the last few thousand passes continue to follow, mostly, the orbit of the comet, and over the course of the cent ( Full Answer )

How much to spend on baby shower gift?

Spend only what you can afford. Don't extend your limit. Some ideas: A medium sized basket with baby powder; wipes; under shirts; etc., and then put into the basket and use a large piece of cellophane (you can buy this where you buy gift wrap at a drug store or card shop) and pull the cellophane ( Full Answer )

Do people still have baby showers?

Having a baby is such an exciting part of the married couple's life. Enjoying a baby shower is twice the fun because the parents-to-be get to share the excitement and happiness that they feel with their friends and relatives. A baby shower is actually a type of party that the couple's friends or ( Full Answer )

Do people prefer baths or showers?

most guys would prefer shower, just because it's quick and easy. most girls would take bubble baths if they have time. . depends...showers to get clean....and baths to relax

How much should the mother of the groom spend on a shower gift?

Strictly speaking , the Bridal Shower should be for the Bride -To-Be's friends, not her Mother or her Mother-in -Law to be. This should be a girl-fest. It would be more appropiate for you two to have a private luncheon, and you may give her a present that will have a special meaning, like a family h ( Full Answer )

How long do people in Singapore spend on education?

Children need to have at least 6 years(7-12 years old) of Primary education(its compulsory)and then there is either 4 or 5 years in secondary school and then theres JC(junior college) OR polytechnic and then the working career

How much does one spend on bridal shower gift?

Each individual should only spend what their budget allows. Shop early and get in on the sales. There are more sales on at stores because of the poor economy. Consider two or three gifts you would like to give and then look for the best bargain. You can spend $25 - up for a gift. Some guests give to ( Full Answer )

How did people in Shakespeare's time shower?

um...honestly, they didn't very often. Like, back then, you would keeep little packets of flowers in your pocket, and wave them in front of your nose if someone REALLY smelled bad, cause they only showered like once every one or two months. Actually they NEVER showered. They took baths if they wan ( Full Answer )

What do people usually get at baby showers?

It is normal to bring gifts for the baby like clothing, toys, mobiles and bedding. Try to find out what the prefered styles and colour options of the parent are first with clothing and bedding, small soft toys, baby towels and blankets are generally safe if you don't know the person too well. If you ( Full Answer )

Why do people smoke weed with the shower on?

because it is called a jamaican hot box and it is really cool it gets u really high i tryed it but i am not quite sure what the steam is supposed to do

Do people shower directly after sex?

no you do not then you wipe away all the sex and then you won't get a baby so never shower directly after you have sex you can only have a shower when it has been 5 weeks after you have sex Improved answer: It depends upon the person or couples. We usually do not as sex is not considered dir ( Full Answer )

How long is a shower?

if you mean long in a (time period) kind of way then listen up! pretty much as long as you want it to be but beware of your water bill, cause that will be rising. bye bye i hope i helped :)

What effect do long showers make?

First, they use up a LOT of water. Second, they can burn the meat in your limbs (if standing under the hot water too long). And third, are really selfish ways of using up the World's precious materials.

Do most people pee in the shower?

totally opinion based question, however I believe that running water does make people need to pee, as well as the relaxation of the shower feeling itself. So most people probably pee a little, however, the smell of the urine itself probably prevents a lot of people from doing that as well.....

How do Japanese people take a shower?

They take public showers. Or if their rich enough then they take showers from inside there house. But if they are not rich, then they probably take public showers.

Why do people shiver when they get out of the shower?

Because your body slowly adapts to the heat of the water in the shower (assuming most people have hot showers), making it seem cold when you step out. If you had a cold shower, it would have the reverse affect, making the room seem warm opposed to the cold water you were just exposed to.

Why do people take a shower?

People take showers because they do that to stay clean and smell nice. It helps your health and you reduce your chance to get sick.

Why should people shower?

because the bactries and other harmfull substances wont get in your body. showering gets away any dirt and skin flakes

Can people tell if you pee in the shower?

Not normally, if you drink plenty of water then your urine is clear and is usually excess water and impurities your body has ridded itself of, but if you don't drink enough then your urine is yellow or dark yellow or even an orangey colour and this can give of a yeasty smell and if you have a water ( Full Answer )

Do people shower with shoes on?

Yes. There are "shower shoes" and shoes made for water. In a public shower, like a gym or camp ground/swimming pool showers, they are smart to have so you don't get a foot fungus.

Why do people go to the shower?

To cleanse the pores on their skin, this makes it less likely to get sick. Also, to clean their hair from oils, which can cause acne if not removed. People take showers to stay smelling fresh by removing sweat and dirt, and allows them to socially interact with other people more comfortably. Either ( Full Answer )

Is shower a long a word?

No, as there are no A's in the word. It has an OU/OW sound and aschwa-R (ur).

How can showers be modified for disabled people?

There are several modification that are available to showers for the disabled. A safety bar, a handheld shower sprayer, a seat or chair, and walk in tubs can all be added to assist in the showering process.

How long you to wait to shower before shower?

The length of time one waits before showering will vary from personto person. Some shower every day, some shower even two times a day.It is all a matter of preference.