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Rotary engines are actually really reliable and could be as reliable and more reliable than piston engines if taken care of correctly. The reason people have the thought that rotary engines are bad at breaking are mainly because there are a lot of rotary owners that mistreat their engine. If pistons engined were frequently 1k+ past redline consistently like rotary engines are forced to do, they would break often easily as well.

N/A Carbureted Rotary Engines are the most reliable followed by N/A Fuel Injected Engines. Fuel Injected Turbo Engines are least reliable.

Most N/A Fuel injected Rotary engines last 150k-200k+ when taken care of, Turbo Fuel Injected engines last 125-175k average.

I've seen Rotary engines with over 250k original miles. The most important part is taking care of the engine. It's more vital to keep a rotary well maintained as opposed to a piston engine because piston engines actually still run when they're mistreated.

Here are some tips to help improve engine life and STOP flooding from happening and getting it started if it does.

Ok first of all drain and change the oil every 3000 miles NO MATTER WHAT!!! you also have to check the oil every 2-3 fill ups on gas if its low fill it up with mineral oil NOT SYNTHETIC. That will cause flooding if synthetic is put in. Also you have to run the engine hard so every week run it to redline at least once maybe more if your driving it a lot. If your starting it in the cold make sure to let it warm up 10-15 minutes otherwise that will cause flooding too.

How to start the car if flooding occurs. Make sure you have a battery charger in hand cause this will cause your battery to drain. Okay so get in your car with the vehicle still off then MASH the gas and then attempt to turn it over (Hold for 10-15 seconds) MAY TAKE A COUPLE TRIES if it does then congrats but don't turn it off, go for a speed drive with it running at redline and then you can go home. If your vehicle didn't turn over then try again if it doesn't work that time then try turning it over without the gas mashed not even in at all. if it doesn't work that time walk a way and come back later. At last resort take it to the dealer to have them fix it. Oh yeah one more thing don't drive your car out of the garage and then turn it off in your drive way immediately that will cause flooding you have to allow the car to reach running temps otherwise it will cause flooding so NEVER turn it on then back off immediately. Good luck with your car after these Tips.

Shutting off a cold rotary can cause carbon lock. Which is a chunk of carbon breaking loose and finding a place to wedge itself and "lock" the rotor up. If you leave the car running, pieces of carbon get broken up and burnt. The synthetic oil theory hasn't been proven yet. I'm running synthetic right now to test it and am having no problems. Theory states the the additives in synthetic can build up in the combustion chamber. I'm unaware if flooding can be a result of synthetic.

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Q: How long do rotary engines last?
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No, rotary engines went out of use in aircraft in WW1.

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Rotary Engines

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Rotary engines do not have pistons.

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Are rotary engines reliable?

Yes, they are very reliable. The older rotary engines of the 80's did have some issues with burning oil and poor fuel economy but those issues have been fixed.

How long do petrol engines last?

20 to 30 years

Engines that operate with rotors instead of pistons or cylinders are seldom used in modern automobiles because?

1. Problems with emissions control. Rotary engines use direct oil injection and this means oil is constantly burning with the fuel. 2. Economies of scale. Due to the complex nature of rotary engines very difficult to repair in relation to piston engines and very few people are trained to maintain and build these engines 3. Fuel consumption. Rotary engines are notoriously expensive to run on fuel. 4. Lack of low down torque/driveability. Rotary engines makes a tremendous amount of power at high RPM but insignificant torque in the lower rev ranges. 5. Ignorance. If more people disregard all of the above and eventually get to drive a rotary powered for for a while, they'd be converted. Unfortunately almost all rotary owners are petrolheads and adrenalin junkies!

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No! subaru does not make a rotory engine! Mazda does.

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it has two or three rotor's that spin generating power its the same rx7s and black hawk helicopters both have rotary engines. Its been proven that some rx7 rotary engines can push an upwards of 900 hp. Without any assistance from a turbo, or Nitrous Oxide Systems

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Nissan engines are reported to last years. There are reports of engines with as many as 220,000 miles and still running great.

What has the author M S Raju written?

M. S. Raju has written: 'Analysis of rotary engine combustion processes based on unsteady, three-dimensional computations' -- subject(s): Rotary engines, Fuel combustion, Combustion, Rotary combustion engines, Fuel injection, Wankel engine, Navier-Stokes equation, Algorithms, Computer programs, Internal combustion engines

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The term rotary piston engine can have several meanings:Rotary engine, the piston engine that rotates in operation, as used on World War I fighter aircraftPistonless rotary engine, the engines which use rotors or rotary pistons instead of conventional reciprocating pistons

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That all depends on if you abuse the starter by cranking too long. I have 170,000 on original starter.

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Yes, the pistonless rotary Wankel engine.

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I have 120,000 on my van and it is still going great...I wish I knew how long these engines will last...

How is car engine classified?

A car engine can be classified based on the number of cylinders it has. It could be a 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder, 8 cylinder, 10 cylinder, or 12 cylinder (the last two engines are mainly used in exotic cars). There are also rotary engines, electric engines, natural gas engines and hybrid (electric/gas) engines. Each of these has subcategories as in the most common piston engines listed above.

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all car engines are internal combustion most car engines are Reciprocating piston some mazdas use wankel rotary engines hybrids use reciprocating piston engines in combination with electric motors

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mazda rx7 Cars that have used a rotary engines 10A, 12A, 13B, 20B: mazda...Cosmos, R100, RX2, RX3, RX4, RX5, RX7,& R8 Rotary engines where first designed by Mercedes and then sold to mazda and build in Heroshima, they where also used by NASA in a single rotor format.

Where can I find rotary converters in Long Beach, CA? has rotary converters in Long Beach, CA. You just need to type in "rotary converters" in the search box on and you should find what you are looking for.

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