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If you take care of the gun it could last years and work good

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Q: How long do spring airsoft pistols last?
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How long is the airsoft well mb03?

The Well MB03 Spring Airsoft Rifle measures approximately 38" long.

How long do airsoft batteries last?

4 to 6 hours in a airsoft war

How long does it take for an airsoft spring pistol to wear out?

8427 shots, without dry firing

How long will an airsoft pistol last?

It depends on a few things. As a general rule, the more you paid for it the longer it will last. Also if it is gas or spring or electric. It depends on how much you use it and also how you treat. I have a spring P228 which I take good care of (never leave it cocked, keep the magazine out, dont overfill the magazine, dont cock it too roughly) But the more you use a spring gun, the more the spring wears out. If it does the best thing to do is take it too a airsoft dealer or a skirmish site and ask about repairs. Hope I helped. :)

How long does the battery last on a nightprowler airsoft gun?

it lasts up to 3 hours

How long does a 1300mAH battery last?

2-4 hours depending on your airsoft gun

How long does spring last?

960 hours of daylight in the season of Spring.

How long will a 9oz canister last in an airsoft gun?

Depends on the outside temperature and rate of fire.

Are airsoft guns available in Bangalore?

airsoft guns are actually available in bangalore , but they are not high end guns............... you can only find cheap airsoft guns in a market called national market (remember these are not of good quality and do not last long).

Can you use airsoft guns in long island?

Yes there are two airsoft fields on long island

How long does spring break last for college students?

a week

How long does Irish spring soap last?

12 hours