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Baby sloths have a gestation of five to six months for some types sloths and as much as 11.5 months for others, such as the Hoffman's two-toed sloth.

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Q: How long do the mommy sloths carry their babies or baby?
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How long do mommy sloths carry her baby?

5 to 6 months

How many babies do sloths have at once?

Sloths only produce one baby sloth a year.

Why do you have to cut a babies umbilical chord?

To detach the mommy from the baby

Does the male kangaroo carry the baby in its pouch?

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What are baby sloths called?

baby sloth

How does a sloth eat babies?

Sloths are herbivores; they do not eat meat. The only way the can eat a baby, is if it's a baby bug on a leaf they ate. :)

Why does mommy scream when she has babies?

Some mommies scream when they have babies, and some don't. The reason for the screaming is that it hurts to push a baby from the place where it grows inside to the outside. That doesn't mean that mommy is unhappy, though. And the hurting stops almost as soon as the baby is out. Mommies know that it will hurt, but they have babies anyway because they love them so much.

How do dingoes carry their babies?

Dingoes tend to carry their baby cubs in their mouths.

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Where do kangaroos carry their baby's?

Kangaroos carry their babies in special pouches on their bellies.

What do baby sloths need?

baby sloths need to be held and fed

How many babies can a sloth have?