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This really depends on how much you drive, what you're driving on, and if you get your tires rotated. Take a look at the warranty that comes with your tires to see how long you're covered for.

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Q: How long do tires usually last for if you buy them new?
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Where can I buy a used tire replacement?

Any local garage or mechanic may offer used tires as replacements. You just have to ask them about it when you go to get your tire changed. Make sure you get the right size for your car and ask how long you can use these tires. Used tires do not last as long as new tires.

Are Triangle Trailer tires good tires?

As a Small town retail store owner, we have had good luck with the Triangle trailer tire. It might not last as long as a Goodyear Marathon but for the money its a good buy.

Where can I buy tires for my truck?

There are lots of different places online where you can buy tires for your truck.I would personally recommend you try

When buying car tires, is it better to go for quality or price?

When buying car tires, the purchase is all up to you. If you need a quick, cheap tire then of course quality does not matter. But if you want to make an investment in your tires, buy tires of quality. Buy tires that will last you longer than the lower pricing of another.

Where can I buy mud tires for sale right now ?

Sears is always a safe place to buy tires. If you want to try some cheap online places, places like or usually offer free shipping and get decent ratings.

Where can you buy sport king tires?

How long do car battery coupons last?

Car battery coupons usually last about 2 months. Once you find a coupon, I would buy a new batter.

Where can one purchase a rims and tires package?

The best way to purchase a rims and tires package is to go to specialized car / tires stores.And see what they have for offers on these packages.Just make sure you buy tires who will last for a while and don't go for the cheap ones.

Is it safe to purchase used tires?

It is safe to purchase used tires as long as you find used ones that have good treads. However, if you want to be the safest, it is best to buy 4 brand new tires.

When you buy tires do you get rims with them?

No you do not.

Should you get a wheel alignment when you buy new tires?

No, not as long as normal wear pattern on the old ones.

How long is the warranty on maytag washing machines?

usually they lasts for 2-3 years, but these days there are alot of options. now a days it can last a lifetime as long as you buy it from the dealer.

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